~ afternoon tea at wedgewood hotel~

           I’ve tried a few tea places during my absence on blogger and the first one I want to share is the afternoon tea at Bacchus in the Wedgewood Hotel. They only offer afternoon tea on the weekends and it was rare for me to be here on a weekend, since Im usually up in the interiors, so I took advantage of my freedom and had tea here the day after my final =) Remember to ask for a window seat when you make reservations!
I completely forgot to take a photo of the restaurant itself, sorry! ><
~ The three tiers ~

When I was taking this photo I thought it looked funny and I realized it was because the size of the plates do not differ that much from one another, so it looks like just three plates of the same size at different levels lol.

 ~ Finger Sandwiches ~

The presentation is a bit plain here but the quality is a bit better than the other places I’ve tried. There were no surprises and the sandwiches were the normal selection you receive at any other tea place. Cucumber, chicken, shrimp, salmon rolls and tandoori chicken.
~ Sweets ~
The sweets there were very nice, not too sweet in fact. There were lemon chiffon with white chocolate ganache (my friend said it tasted like lemon meringue), English fruit cake, fruit tart and a mini bakewell tart.
~ Scones ~
Scones were served with chocolate eclairs! The scones had raisins in them and were just okay…..and the elairs tasted like the regular frozen ones from the supermarket….sooo disappointed! 
~ Tea and rock sugar ~

The tea was served in a tea press with rock sugar. I personally don’t like rock sugar too much because it takes longer to melt in your tea and when the tea is luke warm, it doesn’t melt at all! Not to mention, we didn’t know how these tea presses worked and my friend pressed her tea so low that her tea became too bitter lol
         Well that’s all for now, Im still studying for my two other exams so I probably won’t be updating for the next little while again =( 

Thank you so much to those who wished me luck on my exams and leaving me comments!
Till next time ~
~ afternoon tea at wedgewood hotel~

~ Klip & WE Coffee ~

          Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing well! It’s paper churning week with exams coming right after that so Im afraid my posts might be short/boring/ not updated very often LOL But I will try! In the Asian community there is a coupon book called Klip, it is handed out around the malls and stores in Richmond, but I usually get mines from Daiso, it’s updated monthly and features restaurants, salons and other various things with discounts etc.

~ Klip ~

I love Klip! It features many restaurants/cafes/salons, some new goodies and some old goodies, it even has nail salons with some coupons attached! So I spotted a nice lil cafe I wanted to try.

~ WE Coffee ~

Menus! WE has a very classy, sleek white and black look. Despite it’s interior design it’s actually quite a grab-and-go place too, when you walk in the counter is right there.

Hmm what to eat?

Matcha Latte! This was fabulous! It was nice and creamy and sweet.

Strawberry waffles with ice cream and custard! Yum! This was a half order and I think the full order would’ve been four waffles instead of two with more ice cream etc.! This was my breakfast that day hahahaha =P Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos ><

Ham (or was it Turkey) Panini with Salad, the salad wasn’t bad and had a very savory taste to it but there wasn’t enough meat in the panini (one SLICE of ham/turkey only!)
          Overall the cafe was very nice! I wouldn’t mind coming here with girlfriends to just grab a drink or  snack to go =) Here’s their website! Yes I know, it’s only a facebook page LOL But it was the only thing I could find, if you google WE coffee you will find their cafe being reviewed on various sites like Yelp! In case anyone is wondering, I refuse to convert into a foodie even if I show lots of restaurants and food on my blog!

Till next time!
~ Klip & WE Coffee ~