~ guu izakaya ~

          Hello everyone, Guu is guuuud! <– the slogan for the Guu Izakaya’s that are scattered around the city =) For anyone who is wondering what an izakaya is I believe it’s basically a bar type restaurant that serves small dishes of food, though the food is really like tapas, appetizers but they also serve things like udon and oden there too. Guu is one of my most favorite “restaurants” EVER! There are 5 locations across Vancouver and the one I frequent most is the one on Robson! Now don`t be fooled, there are two located downtown, one is on Thurlow and the other is on Robson, I know it can get a bit confusing! I also know they have other locations such as Toronto =)

Now onto the food!
~ Guu Sign ~
The large wooden sign outside the door.
~ Entrance ~
Door way! It’s located on a corner and there’s a Starbucks right across it. It’s pretty small and may be easy to miss if it’s your first time trying to find it. I apologize for the blurry photo since I was moving while snapping it lol
~ Sweet Spot Prawn ~
My absolute favorite dish!!! Once I ordered about 4 or 5 orders of these, at one time LOL =P It’s also a seasonal dish so it only comes around during the spring/summer months, it’s just sooo yummy but people who are not fond of raw seafood may not like this dish too much. If you want you can also request for the shrimp heads to be deep fried afterwards, it’s a tasty addition but I usually don’t do it because there’s an extra charge for that =(
~ Green Salad ~

This salad is soooooo yummy! I always get this when I go, lucikly it’s available all year round =P It’s actually not on their menu but if you order it they have it lol, odd right? The presentation varies too but it usually looks like this. Im not sure what type of dressing it is but it’s delish!
~ Beef Tataki ~

Hmm….there’s nothing spectacular about this dish, I personally favor the beef tataki at Kingsway Sushi more but that’s just my personal preference! The beef is nice and chewy and the presentation is always nice.
~ Kabocha Korroke ~

This is basically a boiled egg covered in a thick layer of yam and then deep fried! So it’s a croquette with a tangy mayo sauce poured over top! 
Here’s the croquette cut in half, I liked it quite a bit! I thought the mayo was too tangy compared to the sweetness of the yam so I ate mostly the egg and just the yam part lol!
~ Deep Fried Spot Prawn with Chili Sauce ~

This was one of their temporary dishes. Guu has a staple menu plus a separate sheet of paper with their temporary/seasonal items on it and this was one of them! It may look super spicy but trust me, it wasn’t! In fact it had more of a ketchup taste than a chili taste! It wasn’t bad but I wish the prawns were peeled as it was really hard to peel the shell so I ate the whole thing, shell and all!

         Well that’s all for now! I’ve been conjuring up items and buying things for my giveaway =D It’s my first time doing this so it might take me a while to get all the things together >< The sun was shining today and it was a beautiful day! I hope it stays that way!

Till next time~

~ guu izakaya ~