~ reminiscing tokyo ~

           I reminisce about my travels a lot, probably why I just can’t keep my feet still and stay here in Vancouver (locals sometimes call it Vancity) and even though it’s beautiful and gorgeous here, with our mountains and ocean view I just want to get out and explore! I’ve been reminiscing about my Tokyo trip from last year 2010, partly because I won’t be able to go back for a while due to the wishes of my parents and bf who are fearing the radiation there and partly because I just love what the city has to offer, perhaps I can convince bf to go to Kyoto or Osaka =D

Oh and I decided not to frame these photo because I feel like they add more feel to the photo. These photos were also taken with my regular digicam and not my newer camera, so many images are not as clear and sharp as I would’ve liked them to be.

P.s If you’ve been a follower of my blog from the start some of these photos might look familiar haha

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY PHOTO HEAVY POST <– warning for those who are viewing on small hand held devices!

          Overall this was a once in a lifetime experience, the city was exciting at night but everyone was extremely polite, the food was awesome and for those who think that Tokyo is an expensive city, let me tell you, it’s not! I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but I would say it’s about the same as here, in Vancouver =) If anyone is planning to travel to Tokyo and would like some tips or help planning Im all open! =D One thing I regret not taking a photo if is the electronic motion sensor noise machine inside the bathroom stalls, it’s to cover up any “noise” that you make!

Till next time!

~ reminiscing tokyo ~

~ catching up ~

         Im BACK!!! Im finally able to put up another post! I’ve been working, schooling and putting things together for the giveaway! It’s been a while but Im finally on it lol This post is just going to be a catching up post of what I’ve been doing lately (the fun stuff) though the majority of it was actually the opposite! Thank you for all your sweet comments!!

~ Tea at Fairmont ~

Got to go have tea at the Fairmont, thanks to dealfind I managed to purchase 2-for-1 coupons! I bought two since that was the limit, I’ve often heard that they give you bad service if you use dealfind/coupons but the service I recived was as good as always =) I also noticed that there were a lot of other people using the coupon as well, you could easily tell because the food came straight out, since it was already pre-made.
~ body shop purchase ~

I normally don’t frequent the body shop but I heard that there was a  vitamin E spray there so I decided to drop by, luckily they were having a “spend 40$ but get 50% off ”  So I also purchased their mud mask since it says for oily skin, I haven’t a chance to try it out but once I do I’ll do a quick review on it! 
~ Outfit of the day ~

Since summer has finally arrived I decided to do an outfit shot! I feel like Im really lacking in these lately so I’ll try harder to incorporate them into my posts! =D
~ Richmond Night Market ~
Summer means one thing…..the night market opens again! Basically it’s an area that’s marked off with loads of stands from various different types of food to stands that sell pirated-dvds, accessories, clothes, stationary etc.! They’re only opened on the weekends and during the summer only!
Takoyaki Stand!

 Takoyaki! My favorite is the octopus kind! =)

Unfortunately, the takoyaki was eaten before I got a chance to take a photo of it, not to mention it was deathly crowded to just stop and take a photo!
Hurricane Potatoes!
Basically….french fries on a stick!

The stand! The wait was about 20-30mins long!!!

Basically they take a small potato and skewer it onto a stick, deep fry it, then you get to choose a topping of your choice! Toppings range from ketchup to just plain salt, cheddar or sour cream and onion! Oh and again, it was way too crowded to stop for a photo, but I’ll probably be heading back again sometime so I’ll be sure to stop and take a picture then!
~ An Obsession…..~

Tee Hee Hee! What’s in this box?! I’ll reveal in another post so stay tuned! =D (I tried to make this photo more “vintage” looking hahaha don’t think it turned out that way though =P
         Im very very sorry I haven’t posted as much as I’ve wanted to lately! Thank you for being soooo patiently lately! The weather has been gorgeous this week and I hope it stays so (though they foresee rain already!!) Life’s been busy lately since Im still in the interiors on the weekends and going to class on the weekdays, but I’ll be posting my giveaway in my next post (or at the latest the next post after that…=P) Im heading out tomorrow to collect the last of the surprise*finally*!!! I’ll then be posting up the “rules” etc. It’s my first time doing a giveaway and I want to do it right! Please excuse the grammar mistakes as I didn’t have much time to edit this post properly since Im so eager to reply all you’re lovely comments!
Till next time~
~ catching up ~