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         Hello everyone! So this is hopefully going to be a permanent blog post about me where I will tell you completely random facts about me-self and may possible start losing followers because of it but then really, it’s too bad for them right? =D I’ll also try to keep these posts short….key word: Try.

          Something that usually surprises people about me is when I tell them I love video games. Yes. I play video games and can become quite obsessed at some points. BUT….Im very picky with what I play. I usually avoid RPG’s because I always and I mean ALWAYS get stuck at some point. So I’ve given up on most RPG games, the most recent one I bought and am still playing is Mario & Luigi’s: Bowers Inside Story which of course I am STUCK. When it comes to gaming, gamefaqs is G O  D. Especially if you suck at RPG’s like me lol.

My favorite genre’s for games:
Simulations: The first two that pop into my head are the Harvest Moon series and Sims. I love both and play them to death though I often give up after I get married or achieve to a certain point in the game where there’s not too much left to do. It’s funny though because I get asked what’s so fun doing the same thing over and over again, day after day…..and you know what’s funnier? I have no idea why it’s so fun but it’s just plain addicting!!! *runs off to water my crops, milk my cows and pray that there isn’t a freak tornado the next day which normally rips out all my crops T_T*
Third-Person Shooter: One word: Zombies (or zombie-ish looking things). I haven’t played too many games so far  but my top two picks are Gears of War (all 3 of them!) and Resident Evil 5. I also play Left For Dead but….it’s not my favorite. Not to mention, my bro loves locking me out of the safe room and watch me get devoured by zombies.
Horror: This is a genre that I love but don’t approach often due to many reasons. My top reason being: I must have another person with me, watching me play the game. Preferably someone who won’t scream or jump when I do because that just makes me do a double jump!!!! Oh and it’s a hugeeee difference when you’re actually playing the horror game versus just watching it. I remember getting so agitated whenever I watched someone play a horror game because they’d be scared to go into a room or something and Im sitting there thinking “just go in damnit!!!” but when they pass me the controller it’s a whole different story LOL But my fav is Fatal Frame…I can’t remember which one it was but I played it on the PS2 and loved it! Too bad it was only a rental and I regret not purchasing the game when I could have! Im even contemplating of buying it for the xbox though….
Others: This would include things like Professor Layton and Big Fish games! I love the hidden object and time management games! Oh and if you want to know, a genre that I really dislike are sports games!
Till next time!
~ suki’s corner – gamer ~

~ school disaster and moon cakes ~

          Omg! A disaster just happened to me tonight! I was planning to blog etc. so I decided that I better go online and drop a course that I decided not to take first before I forget about it since tomorrow is the last day to drop a course. So there I was hitting the drop button for ONE course then KABAM! I am dropped out of all my courses! I panic and panic and panic. I calm down. I email my profs telling them what happened and I guess I need to pop into the office tomorrow to sort this all out =( Technology often likes to work against me like this! ( I don’t even want to talk about my printer…….)

         Anyways! After getting my school schedule straightened out I finally have more time to relax and…do nothing… LOL I’ve been enjoying those lazy days where you stay home, lounge around in pjs and pig out on….anything =D

Here’s a few photos from the moon cake festival that happened a little while ago =P

~ Lanterns ~
I haven’t played with lanterns for ages! These are the traditional kinds, made of paper with a candle inside to light it up. There are newer kinds too that are just light bulbs inside etc. I guess it’s more safe but personally I think it sort of takes away from the feeling a bit. I remember we used to buy bigger ones in the shape of animals and once my dad set my poor bunny lantern on fire and had to stomp on her to put the fire out….poor bunny lantern!!!

 ~ Moons cakes ~
What’s a moon cake festival without moon cakes?…..yes, this one has no yolk LOL Apparently most people eat it for the yolk but my sister and I just like the lotus paste =P But we did have other ones with yolk in it.
I guess this would be a modern twist on moon cakes! It really just reminds me of mochi in a moon cake shape with filling haha The filling was red bean and green tea, the green tea filling was delicious since it wasn’t sweet at all and I loooooved the chewy-ness of the….skin? LOL
~ Playing with lanterns ~
My family and I just pranced around our balcony with our lanterns but it got cold fast and since most of us were in our pjs we went back inside fast! Yes, this is what you would see me in if you ever catch me at home! Pj’s, my favorite home sweater and sans-makeup of course!
Oh and yes, the festival is suppose to be about the moon and of course….I forgot to take a photo of it hahaha but it was very big, bright and beautiful!
Im also typing up my first “about suki” post, I think I might call it suki corner or something LOL Any other suggestions? I hope everyone is doing well!
Till next time ~
P.s I keep forgetting to title my posts LOL
~ school disaster and moon cakes ~

~ afternoon tea at the fairmont and ramen ~

         Hello everyone! School has once started for me and it’s nice getting back into the grind! My class schedule is still incomplete and Im on a wait list for a few of my courses, I hope I get in! I’ve also been catching up with friends now for some food porn….

~ Afternoon tea at Fairmont…again…~
I came here with a friend, who I normally have tea with and she had never tried it at the Fairmont Vancouver before. Honestly, after coming here for tea a few times I could never recommend it to anyone who wants to try tea. I guess if you really want to sit in the nice decor etc. But the food is sub par and is ALWAYS the same! The only exception would be special times of the year like Christmas. Shangri-La and Fairmont Rim still rank as my top two choices for now.
It was a hot day so I decided to get chilled tea or have my tea chilled. The one I ordered was Angel Fall Mist and it was a really pretty pink! Think passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks LOL BUT it was really lacking in flavor which really disappointed me since it stated on the menu that it could be served hot or chilled. When teas are served chilled it needs to be made stronger than usual, which is what our waitress said she did but the flavor was lacking and it needed a punch of sugar.
 ~ The tiers….~
Which is the same as my previous post on the afternoon tea at the Fairmont….
 ~ Kawawa Ramen at Metrotown ~
I love this ramen place. I think it’s really a hit or miss for most people. Some hate it and some, like me, love it. Im especially liking their tomato flavored ramen right now, perfect for summer! In the winter I order their Chashu ramen! =D Im actually not a huge ramen fan, in fact, I would go as far to say as I almost DISLIKE it, this is really the only place I would go for ramen….no jokes!
 ~ Ramen Egg ~
The delicious ramen egg I order every time with my ramen and can barely finish because Im usually so stuffed! I hear that the “golden” ramen eggs are quite hard to make, though I can’t say if this is true since Im no cook myself LOL But it’s delicious Y U M! (Not to mention nicely located in metrotown haha)
          That’s all for now, hopefully I get to do more interesting stuff now that Im back in Vancouver regularly! I did a trip down to the states about a week back but resisted buying anything since I have to save like a mad woman!

Till next time!
~ afternoon tea at the fairmont and ramen ~

~ recently ~

I’ll let the photos do the talking…

~ Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts ~
My sister brought these back as a gift from her trip to Hawaii! Apparently the guide said that he doesn’t even know why these chocolate covered nuts are so popular in Hawaii, especially as souvenirs, since the nuts aren’t grown locally! According to Wikipedia they’re from Australia! 
 ~ Hello Kitty Mooncake Set ~
For all those who follow the Chinese tradition you all know it’s moon cake season!……but honestly…Im not a huge fan of moon cake lol It just doesn’t taste yummy to me! So when I saw this set at T&T I jumped on it!

Adorable packaging! The ones in the middle are marshmallow filled with lotus paste and the ones on the sides are dry biscuit filled with lotus paste!

I haven’t tired these yet but Im desperately hoping they’re candy or something sweet…..
 ~ recycle….~
Look at this adorable shopping bag!

And the best part? It folds up into this adorable small parcel! Convenient and CUTE! I carry this around in my purse now and for those who are interested I got this at the Richmond night market for 4$! I think you can get something similar online (ebay) for about the same price! =D
Till next time!
~ recently ~

~ pne ~

         Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! School starts next week so hopefully I’ll be making steady updates by then! Not to mention I finally have some time to myself so there will be some foodie posts too! Anyhow I hope everyone’s had a wonderful summer and are ready to get back to school or for those who work, ready for the fall/winter weather! (I, for one, am not!)
         I was able to head to PNE for a night! I missed all the interesting shows during the day but entrance fee was only 5$ past nine but it was hella expensive to do anything there! I wanted to ride the ferries wheel until I found out it was 7.50$ per person per ride!!! Am I just cheap or does that seem a lil steep for a 3 min ride?! I rather save my money and ride something at Disney! (Hey, every dollar counts!) It’s probably the mentality of saving for the trip that makes me the cheapo I am currently LOL Anyways, just some random photos from the night!
~ The humongous cow ~
Look how big these cows are! I think they originated from China, I got to pet them and they’re super warm!

~ Piggies ~
Momma pig and lil piglets! There were more piglets and every single one of them was adorable! Not to mention pink and clean!

~ Chickees ~
So fluffy and they do make those cute *chirp chirp* sounds!!!

~ Incubator ~

~ Older duckies ~
I have no idea why this photo turned this way….hahaha that duck looks like he got stuck but he’s actually just eating from the hole.
~ Horses ~
When I first saw this I got so excited because I thought you could get really close to the horses but there was actually  a fence in the way =(
 ~ Blondie ~
Dino liked this horses mohawk haha and I thought the blonde horse beside him was really pretty!

~ Strange? Food ~
I didn’t buy one but I think it’s the same as hurricane fries but they didn’t seem too popular….
~ Old Fashion Candy Stall ~
I even love the yellow vintage glass!

Once again, everything was pricey!
Greek food and scones?! Really? Are scones really a traditional fare at….fairs? 
~ The overpriced Ferris Wheel ~
I decided to just snap a photo instead of riding it….
~ Fool the Guesser ~
This was one of the most interesting game stands ever! Basically, you pay 5$ or 10$ and let the guy guess your age or weight and if he’s right within three years or three pounds then he wins, if not then you win! 
Well that’s it for now!
Till next time!
~ pne ~