~ suki’s corner – horror manga ~

          Hello everyone! I managed to get my take home midterm done one time and finish the two assignments due next week, I feel so accomplished!!!! =DDD But it’s only because I need to get my research paper done soon so I can make time for my trip! Today is another suki’s corner!
         Onto manga and anime! Im less of an anime fan now, the voices get soooo annoying sometimes and it takes a lot for me to sit and watch an anime now, so it must be a really good one. For anime I prefer something light and easy going, something that I don’t need to use my brain for. My favorite right now is Squid Girl! The graphics are clean and most of all the story line is just perfect for me =) Though I do enjoy other genres too.
My first true anime was probably Ranma 1/2 (unless you count Doreamon to be anime too hahaha)
I still purchase manga every now and then. Right now Im only into horror manga, Im currently collecting Kurosagi’s Corpse Delivery Service now and some of MPD. Pshyco.
~ Tomie and Junji Ito ~
Anyone who reads any bit of horror manga has probably heard of Junji Ito. The famous author of the Tomie series (which I am a proud owner of) and other works such as Uzumaki.
~ a small snapshot ~
Just one snippet of one of the books. To enlarge just click it, I tried it make it as small as I could so as to not scare anyone intentionally…..and I chose a page that wasn’t so bad. 
~ Chobits ~
Of course I do have a girly side to me. I love a group of artists named CLAMP which is a group that consists of four women artists! Chobits is one of my favorite series from their work and they’ve got a lot! I have the entire series of this too, I just picked book 6 since it was my favorite hahaha The story is sweet and the drawings are amazing, as expected from this group. Oh and you know that popular anime that aired over here a few years ago named Cardcaptor Sakura? Yup, that’s by them too =D
           I could probably have a somewhat in depth conversation with someone who is still into anime. But I don’t watch a lot of mainstream animes like Naruto and One PieceOf course I can’t leave out Studio Ghibli movies! I wrote about them before so I won’t mention it here again but I love them~

Till next time!
(P.s Just because Im writing about all this anime I had to youtube the Magic Knight Rayearth & Fushigi Yugi theme song, which was one of my all time favorite animes, thinking about it brings back good memories!)
~ suki’s corner – horror manga ~

~ petite afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant ~

           Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s October already! That means Halloween is coming soon! =D….but then again it’s not like I do anything special for Halloween hahaha I want to hand out candy but no kids come to my area of the neighborhood…..=( I guess I’ll just have to harass + humiliate my dog and get him to wear bunny ears or something.
~ Petite afternoon tea at The Urban Tea Merchant ~
It was my first time trying the Merchants petite afternoon tea! I highly recommend this for everyone! The amount of food was perfect and my friend and I both got individual tiers!
~ Top tier – Sweets ~
The best tier! A plate of scrumptious goodies loaded with fruits, a macaroon, a petite cake and a large chocolate dipped strawberry!
~ Middle tier – tea buddy ~
A large cranberry(?) scone! With devonshire/ clotted cream and jam! I love the clotted cream! I really can’t eat a scone without this, it’s not possible.
~ Bottom tier – finger sandwiches ~
Delicious finger sandwiches! I think there was a smoked salmon one, a cucumber one and a chicken one. There was chicken salad inside the waffle cone! It’s like a savory sweet treat!
          If anyone is interested they also have a limited time Harvest Afternoon Tea right now and until Nov.16 you receive a free packet of tea (50g)! They also have a Chocolate fondue tea set! I haven’t tried it before but it sure sounds good!
Till next time ~
~ petite afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant ~

~ almost Absolute Food Porn ~

almost Absolute Food Porn
~ The “almost” part, a loom ~
Im taking a textiles history class and a student from the textile division was kind enough to actually bring in a small loom for us to look at! There are looms that are the size of classrooms! It was amazing to see and made me realize how much time it took to weave something! Even after the demonstration I was still confused!!!

~ Krispy Kreme ~
Ahh….Krispy Kreme. I remember when they first opened in Delta and there were huge line ups to get these freshly baked doughnuts, fast forward a few years later and they are still no match for Tim Hortons. For those who know me well, Im not a huge doughnut fan, I only get the occasional cravings.

Nom nom nom! I like to heat mines up for a few seconds before eating! Delish!
~ Wu Fung goodness….~
One of my musts dos- Im going to Aberdeen though I do often venture away to Guu or Aoyama Cafe. Specialty noodles and fried chicken winglets! I like these more than the whole wing, it’s just yummier!
Just a short post for now and hopefully I’ll do another one Saturday night! See you all!
Till next time!
~ almost Absolute Food Porn ~

~ lately ~

        Hi everyone! The weather is really proving that it is officially fall! I’ve even been painting my nails blue lately because it matches the mood of the sky which is always gloomy and rainy! But we did have a few nice days which were lovely! Life also seems to have slowed down a bit and with school settled into my schedule I feel like a turtle sometimes hahahaha I just wanna be lazy, sleep, eat, sleep some more and play video games =P
Im so happy there were so many positive responses to the first suki’s corner! Hopefully I can keep those up regularly and make them interesting hahaha
One of the first things you see when you walk in!

I have no idea what these were but when I saw them I thought they were so cute! This is what I love about this place, it never fails to capture my interest!

Can you spot two anacondas? How do they hold their breathe for so long underwater?

Our famous sea otters! They put shrimp into those tubes and made them work to get them out, it was adorable to watch!
~ Outfit of the day ~
Finally, an outfit of the day, in fact this is what I’ve been wearing lately. Leggings and a sweater, something simple and casual! 
Sweater: Talula
Leggins: Talula
Flats: Aldo
I’ve read many reviews about this place but never ventured to try it since it’s all the way in Delta but finally had the chance! I actually tried it a few months ago but forgot to snap photos lol

Omfg. That roll on the left is sooooo delicious! I crave it often! It’s a roll covered in crunchy pieces with spicy sauce, delisssh!!! Sorry Mr.California roll on the right, you just don’t compare! Though I must say, the sushi here is pricey!
          I’ve got a few posts in the edit section so Im glad that I have something to blog about hahaha I often get comments saying how my life seems to be all fun and games but I just don’t want to blog about emo stuff since I wouldn’t want to bore my readers with my own personal problems but I also think it’s not healthy to have all this negativity around yourself/myself all the time. Maybe I’ll blog about a regular day in a suki’s corner post sometime hahaha anyways happy thoughts, happy thoughts!
Till next time~
~ lately ~