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          Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know that I got Tumblr! Yes, just tumblr and not twitter lol I just don’t think I’d have enough things to “update”  lol it may change in the future but anyways…

Tee Hee Hee!
I realized that this way I won’t have to make posts on just my iphone photos! 
For my next post I’m thinking of posting either my afternoon tea at Hong Kong Disneyland or the afternoon tea at Haagendaz! Which one would you like to read first? =)
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~ happy christmas 2011 ~

H A P P Y  C H R I S T M A S !
          Today I’m going to be just sharing some iphone snaps from my trip, nothing too Christmassy though =( Speaking of which, I haven’t really been feeling the Christmas spirit this year, even when I was at the Christmas Market! I honestly think it’s due to the lack of snow =( As much as I hate shoveling and dealing with that cold stuff I admit that Christmas isn’t the same without it! 
New Town Mall! This mall is the kind where the stores are packed to the brim and there are loads of people there all the time! It has really cheap clothes and accessories such as bags and earrings, necklaces etc. However the quality of the clothes aren’t great BUT the shoes are not bad! This mall is located in Mong Kok and is easy to get to especially if you’re taking the MTR, just look for the B2 exit if I remember correctly.

Shrimp and abalone flavored Pretz! I would have bought some if they came in smaller portions =(

Langham Place! This is the mall where Angela Baby’s Cafe is located!

Inside! It was decorated with gorgeous lights and the Hello Kitty Exhibition is also here!

A Korean bbq place that my bf’s friend took us, I thought the name of the restaurant is sooooo random! Guts Soul!

Food! I’ve never seen the mushroom wrapped with pork offered here before.

Food at Starbucks! OMG! Look at all this amazing food offered at the Starbucks in Tokyo!

You know how after you order your drink you walk over to the end counter area and wait for your drink to pop up? Well in this particular Starbucks there’s a line up to order AND get your drink. After you order you are prompted to the neat line of people waiting to get drinks, a staff will then ask for your receipt to make sure you get your order, pick up your drink and then hand it to you while doing a small bow. Crazy!

This is what the train ticket looks like, I forgot to being the Suica cards =(

OMG! So adorable! They had these sleeping Disney characters when I was there, I ALMOST brought a large one home but decided against it because I really had no more luggage space to spare.

Hada labo’s collaboration with Disney! I was tempted to buy a refill!

Really affordable Tsubaki hair care in Tokyo! I know a bottle of shampoo/conditioner here is 17$CAD before tax but over there, the same sized bottle was about 9-10$CAD! That’s basically 10$CAD off! You can bet your socks that I bought a bunch of refills! I love how they offer refills too instead of always having to buy a bottle.

There are a lot of these types of snack boxes available at the airport for souvenirs and they are very affordable at 1000Yen so about 13$CAD. I bought three of these boxes and kept one, the chocolate cookie at the bottom is delicious as well as that yellow cupcake thing on the top right hand side!

Royce chocolate! These actually have to be refrigerated so when you purchase them you also need to buy an ice bag with ice to keep them in but I don’t think you can buy them here.

The Samantha Vega collaboration with Disney! My, it seems like I got lucky with all these Disney collaborations going on! I really wanted to buy the one on the left just for the stuffed animals but decided that 300$+ for three stuffies just wasn’t worth it since the bag isn’t really my style.
Till next time!
~ happy christmas 2011 ~

~ disney dim sum ~

        For anyone that is interested in this dim sum, it’s located at the crystal lotus restaurant that is located inside the Disney Land Hotel in Hong Kong. On the website it states that it is only available on weekends and public holidays. I believe the dim sum starts at 11am to 3pm but they may start selling out around 2pm. You may also call ahead to make a reservation if you’re worried. Personally I just went and winged it, the restaurant wasn’t too busy despite it being a weekend. In my excitement I totally forgot to take a photo of the menu >< But I believe that the dishes ranged from 7$-12$ Canadian per dish.
~ crystal lotus at the Disney Hotel ~
~ gorgeous lights ~
They had these gorgeous lotus chandeliers! 
~ taro swan puffs ~
These taro puffs were delicious! The pastry puff was done very well! It was nice, light and fluffy, Im pretty anal when it comes to these “fluffy” pastries but these were really good.
~ glutinous Mickey pancakes ~
As cute as these looked they tasted soooo bland. This was the most bland tasting dish out of all the ones we ordered. That red sauce it came with was just regular spicy sauce, a disappointing dish, it was tasteless.
~ duffy red bean paste filled buns ~
Duffy buns!!! As much as I don’t like red bean I still ordered these just to see Duffy’s face hahahaha To be honest, they weren’t bad and if you’re someone that enjoys bean paste you’ll probably like this dish.
~ three little pigs bbq pork buns ~
I really enjoyed these ones! I thing I also liked was the size of these buns, they were quite small meaning I was able to enjoy quite a bit of them, the down size is the price of these things!
~ little green men pork and vegetable buns ~
These were ordered last minute since I wanted to see them so much hahaha despite the fact that I was totally stuffed by this point! These were not bad either! Noms!

          Overall I quite enjoyed Disney dim sum. Again it’s located at crystal lotus at the Disney hotel which is easy to get to once you get to HK Disney Land. You can either walk there, it’s about a 20min walk or take on of the shuttles.I also had afternoon tea at the Disney Land hotel but that will be for another post! =D

Till next time!

~ disney dim sum ~

~ afternoon tea -Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong ~

         Hi everyone! I had a hard time decided which post to post today but I decided to do the afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to take a shot of the exterior. The hotel is really easy to get to as long as you reach Tsim Tsia Tsu station, there are huge signs stating where each tourist attraction is. I just did one final today and have another one next week which means more studying for me but after that Im free!……to do Christmas shopping hahaha which is actually more tedious than it sounds =P But I’ll try to make it fun!
        FYI you can NOT make a reservation for tea here and get there early! I mean early! I got there about 15mins before the “official” time which is 2pm and there was already a nice big line up! As for attire, I think business casual or smart casual is alright. Don’t wear anything that is too revealing or sporty. So no short shorts, flip flops etc. There is a sign that states the dress code but I’m not too sure how reinforced it is.
         Oh and my Bf went to Europe for a week! Gosh, it was such a last minute trip with his friends but I’m sooooo jelly!!! I rolled around and pouted like a baby! Europe! I want to go to! He said if we don’t go to Egypt in the spring we can always go to Europe, fat chance that’s happening! (Actually that seems more realistic since the tension and revolts haven’t gone down in Egypt T_T) I told him to get me some Laudrees macrons for me as I think Paris is his last stop (soooo jelly writing this right now!) =D
I tried to wear something that was more “formal” but still comfy for me to be in for the rest of the day.
~ decor ~
The decorations were beautiful. I kept staring at the ceiling which was completely lined with gold wooden motifs. I never got a chance to ask if it was all hand made or not.
A close up.

~ the menu ~
The tea list was a bit of a disappointing. I guess it’s just like any other tea place but I was expecting more choices of teas here.

~ interior ~
I took this photo to try and show you guys what the inside looked like LOL It felt a little awkward to just lift the camera up and shot =P

~ chilled jasmine ~
I think my tea was either chilled jasmine or early grey, the day was soooo hot there was no way I could have drank hot tea! I was also very disappointed that the tableware here was made of plastic! I mean the handles of the knife, fork, spoon were all plastic! Is it really that expensive to get some real table ware with metal handles?
~ the three tiers ~
Our three tiers!
~ the savory ~
The savory tier was alright. Nothing really too impressive, the bread with the ham tasted like bread with ham and that weird looking piece…I don’t even remember what it tasted like -.-
~ the scones ~
I felt like the scones looked really weird like some sort of bun LOL But Bf really liked the scones! I thought they were not too bad but not the best either and when I have pastries like these I tend to only eat the top half (this also applies to muffins a lot too, I swear the top half tastes so good!)
There was also devonshire cream (clotted cream) and strawberry/raspberry jam. I felt like the cream really like taste even though it was nice and airy.
~ the sweets ~
On the left is some fruit cake….like the ones from Christmas except it only had orange peels in it -.- The chocolate piece was alright and I remember really enjoying the citrus piece! =D

They handed one of these to every customer. Some jelly thing on top of marshmallow like mousse, yum!
~ the surprise ~
After you asked for the cheque they actually give you macrons to top off your meal! I’m not sure if it’s only customers who order afternoon tea that get it or any customer but I thought it was a sweet gesture and a great surprise!
          All in all, the experience of tea here was really for the atmosphere. The food is nothing to rave about, it was nice having it once in this hotel, but I probably won’t be coming for a second time. Would I recommend this? If you’re someone that likes having tea at new places then yes. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to have tea at this type of place, in my home city the Fairmont is the closet thing and it doesn’t even compare to the grandeur of the lobby at the Peninsula. 
Till next time!
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~ afternoon tea -Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong ~

~ disappearing act! ~

Alright, so my latest post pulled a disappearing act on me and did not show up on the news feed. I have no idea what’s going on but this post IS showing up so =S! Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I already posted up my photos about my trip! =D Hope you enjoy it! It’s just the post below this one!
~ disappearing act! ~