~ afternoon tea at hong kong disneyland ~

            It’s time to bring on the Chinese new year! I’ve decided that I’m NOT going to make a new years resolution list but instead I’m just going to focus on staying positive! Besides, I usually have the same goals each year lol I’m going to be blogging about my afternoon tea experience at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel! I’ll start off by saying that I highly recommend this, especially if you are planning a day at Disney Land. The park at Hong Kong is fairly small so you will definitively be able to make time for this! However, you probably won’t be able to do both this AND Disney dim sum in one day since they are both available at pretty much the same time, so if you have dim sum most likely you won’t be able to make it on time for this or you will be way too stuffed! Both Disney dim sum and afternoon tea at in the same hotel and you don’t need to buy a park ticket to enter! I went to Disneyland twice but only went into the park on one of those days.
           Again, you can access the hotel by either taking the free shuttle once you get off the mtr or you can also walk there, it takes about 20mins. The afternoon tea is held in the lobby, which you can see once you get into the hotel. You can also call in advance to make a reservation if you are scared it will be busy.
~ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ~

The huge window at the lobby from which you can see the large mickey shaped maze outside!

Another special and unique thing at this afternoon tea was that there were two choices of tea sets. One was the western tea set, which is the one that is normally served with the scones and finger sandwiches. The other was an asian one! It had dim sum and chicken skewer!

~ Western afternoon tea set ~
Tiers were very pretty!
~ sweets ~
There were only three types of sweets but they were quite large and everything was delicious! I especially loved the piece with the strawberry on it the best!

~ savory tier ~
I love the Disney touches!!! The savory tier was good too though I wouldn’t say amazing but I really enjoyed it nonetheless! 

~ duffy at tea ~
I bring Duffy to all the Disney parks with me!
 ~ Asian afternoon tea set ~
The Asian one! I was quite excited to see this set since it seemed so different! 
 ~ dim sum ~
….was alright, not too shabby but not great?
 ~ bottom tier ~
Chicken skewer, spring roll….and I can’t remember what those other pieces were lol but I remember these were pretty yummy! It was actually quite nice to have something this salty and savory at tea!
 ~ the middle tier ~
The green and red pudding was delicious!!! Oh and inside that white little dish was mango pudding which was soooooo good too!
 ~ disney touches !
I love the disney touches! Oh and that jam was black currant! I LOVE black currant flavored stuff, I normally don’t like jam and would never put it on my scone but this time I smothered that stuff on like no tomorrow!
           On the website it says the tea sets are 178$hkd each which means it’s about 23$cad! That’s one of the lowest priced tea sets I’ve ever had and it was amazing, even the bf said the price was great! Afternoon tea is offered from 2pm-6pm, as I mentioned, you’ve got lots of time to try this if you have a whole day at Disneyland! I’ll be reply comments throughout the weekend!
Till next time!
~ afternoon tea at hong kong disneyland ~

~ hongkong& tokyo 2011 haul post ~

         No I’m not dead yet lol just been busy (lazy) and yeah….I actually took the photos a while ago but didn’t upload them = reason why this post is so late. I was originally going to post up the last tea post, which is the Disney one but I figured that people are probably getting a bit bored of those tea posts and hence this one =)
        I haven’t been able to try all the products yet but I am planning on doing reviews on most if not all of these so once again thanks for your patience lol *sigh* uploading these photos makes me want to go back to HK and Tokyo because I there are many things I forgot/regret not purchasing!!! 
Without further ado!….( Long post!)
~ skinfood ~
It’s really hard to get your hands on skinfood products here in Vancouver, unless your willing to pay double the price for it, the easiest way to get them would be ebay and even then you might not always be able to find the newest items. But lo and behold Hong Kong had their very own skinfood store!!! I really went wild in there and bought so much stuff that I was able to join their customer appreciation(?) list hahaha
Products from left to right:
Milk & Honey Body Lotion
Royal Honey Mask (2)
Salmon Brightening Eye Serum (on the top) <–smells like heaven!
Royal Honey Nutrition Cream (Anti-wrinkle affect)
Milk & Honey Body Wash
Good Afternoon (peach green tea) bbcream
The smaller packets on the top right hand side are samples the sweet sales associate gave me which consists of Royal Honey Hydro Essence, Royal Honey Toner, Royal Honey Nutrition Cream and a Black Sesame mask sample! The Milk & Honey Body lotion and body wash were actually gifts I received for becoming a member! I was astonished by how large these bottles were and honestly think it was worth the money I spent there lol The sales associate also told me that the Royal Honey products is their newest line and she was also very good at giving me recommendations that suited my skin type as well as for the weather here in Vancouver, I wish I got her name, she was so sweet!
 ~ my beauty diary ~
My Beauty Diary products were easy to find but I got most of my products at Sasa and Bonjour since their stores were readily available anywhere =)
Products from left to right:
Peach Soda Lip Makeup Remover
Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser 
Sleep Concentrate
Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
2 x packs of Chocolate Truffle Masks
Early Grey Macaron Mask
I actually gave the acid cleanser and sleep concentrate away as a xmas gift so I won’t able to review those. Oh and I was sooooo excited to see those masks in HK cause they were really hard to get my hands on here in Vancouver, at the time I could only find them on ebay for 18$usd for a box of ten and I refused to pay that price but now they are actually available at T&T, my local supermarket for a reasonable price! So happy!
 ~ facial cleansers etc. ~
Products from left to right:
Biore’s Marshmallow Foam
Hello Kitty Apple Gommage
Hadanomy Collagen Wash
Hello Kitty Collagen Wash
There were so many types of cleansers that I didn’t know which ones to choose! I bought the Biore one because Xiaxue used it before, Hello Kitty cause they’re so adorable and the Hadanomy one because it was featured everywhere! Can’t wait to try them! They are also all reasonably priced =)
 ~ mascaras etc. ~
Products from left to right:
Panasonic Electric Eyelash Curler
dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara
HbG x Fairdrops Mascara 
Dolly Wink Volume Mascara
Mascaras! Im a huge fan of mascaras because I really think it’s something that makes your eyes pop! (In real life, not photos) I gifted the HbG one away but I’ve been using the Dolly Wink one recently and love it, so review soon! I bought the Panasonic curler in Tokyo and never realized there were different types of curlers if you want to achieve different “looks” I thought there was just one type!
 ~ blushes, lipgloss etc…~
Products from left to right:
Hadalabo x Disney Toner
Tony Moly Coffee Scrub
Eyebrow Trimming Scissors
Revlon Lip Conditioner
Winnie The Pooh Blotting Sheets
Majolica Majorica Peach Macaron Blush
Candy Doll Lipgloss
Paul and Joe Lipstick & Blush
Smart Cute Hair Bun Tool
Whew…that was quite a list! I’ve already used half of these products so far! Some were disappointing but others were amazing! =D The majority of them were from HK but some were from Tokyo. 
 ~ shampoos ~
Hair products!!!
Products from left to right:
Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner
Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo
Ma Cherie Moisture Conditioner
Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Spray
Ma Cherie End Cure Milk
I only showed one pack of the Tsubaki refill conditioner but I actually about about 6 packs or more hahaha if anyone is wondering, they fill up about 90%ish of the bottle once you pour it in. I bought the Ma Cherie ones because they were sooo pretty and by Shiseido, one of my favorite cosmetic companies!
 ~ duffy buys! ~
Of course I had to get my Duffy bear clothes in Tokyo! They were pretty price, at about 3800yen a set which is 50$cad!!! And I bought three! Actually there was the special set of Duffy clothes going for 130$ and I wanted to get it but didn’t and once I got home…..I started to regret it hahaha I’m nuts for his clothes, so much in fact that I’m going to do a review on them LOL! (omfg my Duffy’s got uggs now!)
 ~ the new bear in town ~
I got one of those new bears Disney is promoting….at first I was ashamed, I felt like I cheated on my Duffy boy. I justified myself by saying that this is only available in Tokyo, he’s a new character, he came with a  great sale. When I find out something is “exclusive” a light turns on in my head and I feel like I suddenly NEED whatever it is I’m looking at. I felt bad at first but I don’t feel bad anymore because once I got home he just sat on my bed like any other stuffed animal and Duffy boy still reigns supreme.
Oh and despite the fact that I barely had room to fit anything in my luggage I refused to give up that brown box he was sitting it….and when I got home I realized I could have just collapsed the box which would have created more room -.-
 ~ miscellaneous goods ~
I don’t think these need much of an explanation so I won’t bother lol I used the Rilakkuma travel cup and it’s adorable, I think most people would think it’d be too small but for me it’s perfect =D Bought in HK! The phone cases I bargained for at ladies market! If you’re going to be there, bargain bargain bargain! Don’t be afraid to walk away because once you do, they will settle for your offer =)
~ disney haul ~
Including the Duffy clothes I think I spent close to 300$ at Tokyo Sea…….it was crazy, our dollar is soooo weak! Ugh! BUT! I don’t regret a single penny because it was all worth it and best of all, I went during the Christmas holidays and was able to buy their Christmas themed goodies!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! When you put Disney and Christmas together, it’s a lethal combo for my wallet…..

The sleeping cuties! They also had really big versions of these but since I wanted variety I opted for this instead. 

I didn’t see these available at HK Disney so I think they are Tokyo exclusive, seriously,they get all the good stuff!
Cookies bought from Tokyo Sea, amazingly delicious, I ate all of them in one sitting….
          I’ll be replying comments tomorrow! I still can’t comment regularly so if you want to read my response to your comment feel free to check it out on my blog (I’m using the disqus commenting system for now)  =( Sigh I think I need a mac hahaha I hope everyone is doing well! It’s the start of a new year so keep calm and carry on! 
Till next time~
~ hongkong& tokyo 2011 haul post ~

~ afternoon tea – Haagan Daz, Hong Kong~

        So afternoon tea at Haagan Daz it is! Oh and I just got my tumblr and am still trying to get the hang of things so bear with me >< Other than that not much has been happening since I'm just working over the holidays!
         While I was in Langham Place I walked by Haagan Daz and saw that they had afternoon tea! I couldn’t miss out on this one because ice cream was involved! Helllloooo! I normally like to plan my afternoon teas since they are in the middle of the day which is not such a great thing if you’re on a trip so this was quite “spontaneous”.
          The afternoon tea is offered from Monday – Friday from 12noon-8pm for the price of 188$hkd OR Sun, Sat and holidays from 12noon-8pm for 218$hkd! I couldn’t believe they charge different prices for weekends, madness! But I do like how they offer it everyday and the time it is available for is huge considering that it is normally just a 3hr time from (normally from 2-5) for other teas.
~ Haagan Daz at Langham Place~
~ the tiers ~
Unlike other afternoon teas, this tea time had three tiers of sweets and goodies!
~ the top tier ~
To be honest I don’t even know what half the things here are! Just that most of these were made with ice cream except the small amount of biscuit sticks in the middle that were chocolate dipped too!
~ the middle tier !
Mostly strawberry themed! In the cups were chopped up strawberries on top of yogurt! 
~ the bottom tier ~
I feel like this was a nice “cleansing” tier as the sweetness of the other two could really be too much. The fruits helped balance everything out and made me feel “refreshed” from all the sweets.
~ the tea ~
I believe I had my usual earl grey tea here, the china was cute and classy!

            Over all I think the tea experience was lovely but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who don’t really like sweets since there was a lot more of it than normal. Other than that I think it was very nice and they also had chocolate fondue with ice cream balls to dip! Oh and the tea is officially called “Royal High Tea” lol on their menu. Of course they also have other things to eat besides just tea! Their menu was full of gorgeous photos of yummy desserts they offer as well as specialty drinks! =)
Till next time~
~ afternoon tea – Haagan Daz, Hong Kong~