~ procrastinating ~

          So instead of working on my paper which is due next week I’m sitting here typing out this blog post just because…..well because I want to hahaha *procrastinating* Just some photos sitting in my folder for a while so I’m just going to smush them into one random post….
~ Joe matte top coat ~
Lately I’ve been really loving this matte polish, I’ve always been curious about matte polishes but now I can make any one of my polishes matte =D

A long time ago….I just felt like this post was too boring without a photo of myself hahahaha To be honest I took this wayyy back near December or January ><
Nothing much to say besides that I just felt like posting this lol…..my March iphone photos will be up soon =)
Till next time~
~ procrastinating ~

~shiseido perfect oil & hadolabo ~

OH! I also wanna mention that I’m not a beauty junkie etc. which is probably why you find my “reviews”….so lacking hahahaha it’s really just a blurb/ramble of what I think about the product. If you want a thorough review with tons of swatches etc. you’re in the wrong place sadly =(

~ Shiseido’s Perfect Oil ~

I’ve been eyeing this brand from Shiseido for a while now. From what I know it’s available readily at T&T. It’s basically just an oil make up remover. I’m a huge fan of the oil based makeup removers since I find they’re not as harsh as water based ones (from my experience….)

I hear that some girls are skeptical about using these because they’re scared they’ll get more oily but to be honest I ALWAYS follow up with a cleanser afterwards and if you do that there is no way there will be oil left on your face…..unless you don’t wash your face thoroughly….

When you mix the remover with water it turns into a milky watery substance. It removes make up pretty well, especially if you aren’t wearing anything heavy but I found that it left some residue around my eye (from my mascara) which my SKII oil never does. I find that I have to use a stronger toner after I use this remover since it leaves that mascara residue around my eye…..

While I like this product I won’t repurchase it because of the mascara residue =( Which sucks because it’s so easy to get and affordable too! ><

I bought this while I was in Tokyo, it was easily accessible and I wish I bought more products from Hado Labo! I only bought this product, the toner, because I wasn’t sure about the other products they had.

I’m a bit confused because on their website I think this is the “moisturizing lotion” but it’s not really a lotion consistency. When you squeeze it out of the bottle it’s also slimey like and strings off the bottle. However this is really moisturizing! It’s a bit sticky when you apply it to your skin but after a few moments my skin just eats it up! I use this after I cleanser my face and after my toner if I wear makeup that day. I hear some girls use this as toner but I just don’t.

I also had my first laser hair removal treatment! I’ve still got 5 to go which is spread over the span of half a year almost. Let me know if you guys want to know more! =) 

Till next time~
~shiseido perfect oil & hadolabo ~

~ laser teeth whitening ~

      A few months back I had my laser teeth whitening treatment! My dentist had a half off special so I finally bit the bullet and got it done! Was it pricey? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yeah and I even want to go back for another one! I just want to note that everyones experience maybe different and this was just mines =) Oh and my dentist uses the brand ZOOM for their teeth whitening supplies.

     The treatment was divided into two 30min sections for me. After the first 30min I was asked if I wanted my teeth whiter and I said yes so we went into the second part of the treatment and what a huge difference that made! They were definitively a lot whiter!

    First they stick this huge plastic applicator in your mouth to separate your lips from your teeth. This was extremely hard for me since I have a tiny mouth and the smaller sized applicator barely fit. Afterwards they put the whitening foam on your teeth then take the laser machine and make it sit directly above your mouth for 30mins.

         Not for the first 30mins BUT for the last 15min my teeth tingled like a b*tch and I squirmed in my seat like no tomorrow! And I’m not talking fuzzy warm feeling tingle I’m talking like this laser-hates-me-and-wants-to-make-me-suffer tingle! There were even moments where I wanted to just scream and give up! But I thought, heck no! I did not pay $$$ to chicken out so I took the pain, it was possible one of the longest 15min of my life. My front teeth and bottom teeth tingled the most. I would not say it was painful, like a pin poking you but it was the most uncomfortable feeling in my teeth!

       After the treatment she put some vitamin E onto my teeth and they felt a lot better but the tingling sensation lasted for the entire day.

       They gave me this take home whitening set for future uses! Hurrary! I guess the money was worth it after all! The lady told me it was the same stuff they used in the office except it did not require a laser so it was still strong stuff. She also warned me to not let it touch my gums or else it will be me a “small” OUCH! I’m actually a bit afraid of using it now……

Inside the blue box are the teeth trays for you to put the liquids into.

The blue pen is the whitening solution and the black pen is vitamin E. 
I haven’t felt the need to use this whitening set yet but I probably will in a few months before the summer =)
Till next time!
~ laser teeth whitening ~

~ Duffy’s Christmas Clothes 2012 ~

            A lame post today but since I have an assignment due on Monday I’ve got to take what’s sitting in my edit area. Actually I honestly don’t think this post is lame since I love Duffy but I guess those who think buying clothes for stuffed bears is silly/waste of money can skip this post altogether. Originally I was planning to blog about my laser teeth whitening treatment but I forgot to upload my photos -.-
~ Duffy’s Christmas Outfit 2012 Tokyo Disney ~
The only place you can get really good quality Duffy clothes is as Tokyo Sea. Duffy clothes are also available in the U.S parks but TRUST me, the quality is far more superb in Tokyo. Everything from the quality of fabric to little details.

His uggs are completely lined and to prove it I actually flipped the entire ugg inside out……it looked so comfy I even I attempted to put my foot in, alas it only covered my toes.

Adorable button detailing….the pants are made of this really soft velvet material. In fact I could even say that I wouldn’t mind wearing clothes constructed of these materials….
Mickey head detail…

One thing I loved about this outfit, besides the quality is that the toque has a head string, this actually keeps the hat on Duffy far better than the hats sold at Build a Bear, that has these pathetic little “ear-lastics” which you’re suppose to put around the ears. Cause guess what? Even if the hat falls off the head it won’t fall off your bear, it actually will just swing around like a necklace but the other ones will pop right off your bears head. Not to mention, it always looks painful squeezing your poor bears ears into those little elastics =(
The only downside of these awesome outfits?
1.) Can only be purchased in Tokyo as mentioned earlier.
2.) Hella expensive for bear clothes. I believe this set was 4800yen which is almost 60$cad/us! 
           However these outfits also hold great sentimental value for me as a reminder of my phenomenal trips to Tokyo. Which is why I decided to open one outfit at a time, it’s been about four months since I opened this outfit and since spring is around the corner I might have to rip another one out soon! =D 
Till next time!
~ Duffy’s Christmas Clothes 2012 ~

~ suki’s corner – dream dictionary ~

           I can’t believe how smoothly life has been going lately! Feels like something bad is going to happen soon *knocks on wood* then again I do have papers due in a few weeks time, hopefully I’ll get started on those asap! I’ve actually made a consultation for laser hair removal on Monday, I’m super excited about that! I only did it because this specific spa has the new “pain-free” technology =D 

         I’m a light sleeper which results me in having dreams nearly every night and I remember my dreams too. I started to think more about dreams during my earlier years in high school and saw this at Chapters one day….

A dream dictionary! I bought it right away and I’ve used it every since. I love everything about it. I’m not going to go too much into speculation about whether it’s meanings are true or not. But it works like a dictionary, you just look up things you remember from your dreams. If you remember a certain colour or feeling you just read the definition for it. Of course it’s vague and I don’t live my life according to this book and neither do I check it every single day, though there was a time that I did.

I remember a friend of mines told me that the front is creepy LOL I guess it could be but I’ve never felt creeped out/scared of this book….however I’m always careful with scary DVD’s and make sure the scary part is not facing up hahaha

I love the soft old pages of this book.

Of course the dictionary doesn’t have *everything* in it. It’s quite vague and you might have to use some creativity to match up some words. I’ve thought about purchasing a more “updated” dream dictionary but when I went to browse through the book store I realized most other books didn’t have the same “feel” as mines did so I ditched the idea =)

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I’m not creeping you out! 

Till next time!

~ suki’s corner – dream dictionary ~

~ louis vuitton rayure neverfull ~

          I’m finally getting around to post my Christmas goodies LOL I was just lazy to take photos because the weather was so gloomy for the longest time and thus when it was sunny I wanted to take full advantage of it and went to prance around outside =P 
~ Rayure Neverfull ~
I feel in loooooove with the gorgeous cream stripes, I wish they made the entire bag like that damnit!
I originally bought the azur bag but after stalking and creeping photos online about the rayure bag my heart weakened and I went back the next day to return the azur and put myself on the waiting list….

I know some people are super crazy anal about alignments and such. As for myself, I’m not too picky as long as it’s not so off where you can see it spot on.

I always wear my bag cinched in because I think it looks better that way but it’s nice knowing that I can also release it to the original shape if I ever need more space.

I know a lot of people complain that the neverfull is soooooo overrated since every other girl has one in this city but I don’t care! It’s a great bag and versatile in my opinion. I’m also glad I opted for this version since it makes it stand out among the sea of neverfulls, though I do wonder if any would ever think my bag is fake lol!
A lot of people also ask me about the open top and to be honest it doesn’t bug me too much, especially if I’m in the city but if you’re really worried you could always put your wallet and important stuff in the zippered compartment, it’s really big so it would even fit the longer wallet styles. I’m trying hard to lay off the LV since the craze went a bit….well crazy for a few months. I’m eyeing another bag right now but I’m going to keep the lust at bay hahaha
 Till next time~
~ louis vuitton rayure neverfull ~