~ paris – lourve ~

Most of this day was spent at the Lourve so this might be boring for some folks as most photos will be of paintings, sculptures etc. Though it was off to Angelina’s for lunch and Napoleon’s area is really pretty too. 

~ breakfast ~
Figuring out what to have for breakfast soon came to be a challenge. The hotel breakfast didn’t seem too appetizing but luckily there was a bakery on the way to the metro.

The place was small but filled with all sorts of pastries and savory delights! It smelled heavenly~

I got a pain au chocolat, which is a chocolate filled croissant~
There was a local market held every few days. They sold everything from fruits, cheese, shoes and flowers!

~ Musee du Lourve ~
The audio guide’s are 3DS’s!!! I really wanted to rent one but decided against it, it was 5euros for those interested.

Under the lourve, the lourve was originally a fortress and here you can see the foundations of it. 

Venus de Milo.

Egyptian bronze crocodile….or was it an alligator? Lol

We spent a lot of time in the Egyptian section as well as Asian arts.

There were a lot of rooms like this which were over whelming.

The seated scribe.

Small figurines, adorable!
A random note, nearly every room have these large plastic boards in various languages that provide you with information about the artifacts in the room. Really useful if you didn’t rent an audio guide, though I recommend the 3DS guide more.

Gorgeous hall. I believe it was the hall of decorative arts….

Gorgeous glass ware.

Painted by Cimabue.

Painted by Giotto <– one of my all time favorite artist!

The Mona Lisa. There was a huge crowd around her but I demanded a decent shot so I squirmed my way through to the front of the crowd. For once my Asian size came in handy.
~ Lunch at Angelina’s ~
Ahhhh Angelina’s how I miss you so….
I read many reviews about this place and it seemed that it was split down the middle 50/50. Some people loved it and others hated it.

We arrived right before the rush did and were seated upstairs with a view overlooking the entrance. The people near the bottom of the photo are lining up for a table while the other line is for the little boutique they have downstairs.

The decor is adorable and our waitress was very friendly and smiled politely when I ordered “un carafe d’eau” haha (a bottle of tap water)

My sandwich…I believe it was smoked salmon. This was alright, nothing too special.

The boutique downstairs sold pasteries, macarons, teas, hot chocolate, biscuits and more. I was lucky to snap a shot without anyone in it, not even staff!

Couldn’t leave without trying the macarons and boy am I glad we did. Light, crispy, fluffy and not too sweet. The amount of filling was perfect too. 

Some potted plants I spotted that I thought added some colour to the city.

~ back to the Lourve ~


We spent most of our time in Napoleon’s apartments, it’s gorgeous there!

Loving these chairs!

I love that one on the right!

His throne….

This really reminds me of Bill Reid’s carving of Raven and the First Men…..

Hogwarts anyone?….

I guess this would be the lobby area for the Lourve. 

Lots of tourists and people chilling outside. Especially by the fountains.

Hunting for a place to eat dinner…
Found a ramen place! Why not and it was cheap too.

Looks alright but tasted…not so great. They didn’t use real ramen noodles but just regular egg noodles in a plain chicken broth. Oh wells, it was filling though.

Art Nouveau metro station signs.

The typical metro stations. Oh the doors of the train doors are mostly manual where you either need to push a button or turn a knob.
         I’m so glad I have these Paris posts cause life’s been a bit stale in photos lately lol All I’ve been doing is working and hanging out with friends doing simple activities such as dinner and movies. I’ve also been spending a lot of  time working out my school schedule,who knew it could get this hectic! I hope everyone’s been well and enjoying the summer!
Till next time!

~ paris – lourve ~

~ paris – eiffel tower, arc de triompe, galeries layfayette ~

On this day I went to various tourist attractions, thus the lengthy title. Ironically I don’t miss Paris too much nor have vacation withdrawals lol Ironically I woke up really early every morning on this trip, probably too excited for the next day but I actually think it’s because I get some serious good sleep! I won’t go into much of the history of these places since it’s easy to just google them up yourselves =P
~ Laduree ~
The Laduree at Champs- Elyesse is undergoing renovations so I went to the Bonaparte location which was closer to our hotel anyways.

I was surprised to see the Asian themed safari going on inside!

The service was decent and the waiters weren’t rude which is all I ask for in Paris lol

I had one of the breakfast sets which included a lot of food including these bread rolls, macarons, fresh grapefruit juice, scrambled eggs, mini sandwiches, yogurt and fruit!

The scrambled eggs was really creamy and their bacon is more similar to our “canadian bacon”.

The french toast was really sweet and not savory at all! Not what I’m used to.
The adorable maple syrup I wanted to take home!

I liked that the filling and bread ratio was even in the sandwiches. I hate it when there’s too much bread!

Was too full to even finish this….

Finally! The macarons! These were alright, my favorite macarons were the ones from Angelina’s, I still think about them!

If anyone is wondering, Laduree’s is still having their collaboration with Hello Kitty!

Walking to Notre Dame after breakfast. There are a lot of street vendors that sell souvenirs such as post cards, posters, old book and magazines.

~ Notre Dame ~
Finally reached the church! The entrance fee is by donation and don’t be freaked out by the long line up, it goes fast!

The building is stunning.

You can get these candles by a 2euro donation.

I love how the light reflects off the gold of this painting.

I personally find it hard to feel any religious divinity here or any other famous church simply because it’s quite loud and there are so many people taking photos.

You can get a rickshaw ride to nearly all the tourist destinations but it’s not cheap let me say! 

~ Eiffel Tower ~
Came here just for the sake of it lol
I didn’t bother going up since it wasn’t included in the museum pass.
~ Arc de Triomphe ~
View from the top! The crowd is surrounding a group of street dancers.

Gifts available at the shop. The chocolates were so adorable and I almost fell to the temptation!

The flights of stairs you walk to get to the top. No, there is no other way up and in the middle it gets really hard to breathe since air circulation is poor and everybody is huffing and puffing their way up. There is also no place to rest so pace yourself when going up.
This reminds me of the horror manga, Uzumaki!

Gorgeous reliefs.
~ Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at Musee des Arts Decoratifs ~
This was the only exhibition I checked out here.

Photography is actually not allowed inside but I missed the sign and took a few pictures before I was alerted by a staff member.

Louis Vuitton.


The rest of the exhibition contained the first designed trunks as well many limited edition bags and fashions from previous years. There were also interesting information as well. Did you know that the original pattern that Louis Vuitton designed for his trunks was just plain grey then brown and beige stripes? Then the damier pattern? It was actually his son that came up with the iconic “LV” logo that we know so well today.

A statue that was passed many times going to Angelina’s.

Nice architecture everywhere.

~ Galaries Lafayette ~
I entered this mall through the metro which I found was easier than the street entrance.

The inside is beautiful but too crowded. It was like boxing day in there. Be prepared for long line ups to the high end stores such as Chanel and LV. Unlike the LV store at Champs Elysees, they give you personal attention right away so they can make sure customers get in and out quick.
~ Dinner ~
Randomly picked this place for dinner which was situated really near the hotel.

The restaurant was super loud and the entire menu was in french. I chose something with “poulet” in it and — extent of my french hahaha
However, this was one extra delicious poutlet!!! The cheese sauce and chicken went so well together and it was nice to dip your bread in. The chicken had a bit of a lamb taste to it as well which bf pointed out.
~ paris – eiffel tower, arc de triompe, galeries layfayette ~

~ blogging is a pain! ~

Making this totally random post.

Most of us that blog out there know that blogging isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. I know it could take hours to sort through photos and edit them. Sometimes we type up a post that just sits in the drafts section for weeks only to start from scratch again.

      For myself, I usually need to be in the mood to blog and have to make enough time for it. I like to reply all my comments on the same day as well as write up new posts. This usually takes up at least half a day (with breaks of course hehe)

       Though this is my hobby there are times when I dread it. I’ll think “oh gosh I need to put up that post I said I would ages ago”. Which leads to my next point, when you promise something but deliver late, or never at all! Next thing you know blogging starts to turn into another reason for stress instead of it being something you unwind with!

        To keep myself motivated to blog I really only blog about things that interests me, just because this is my blog and I’m not obligated to blog to make others happy. Though it does give me great joy that others enjoy my blog, I’ll only write posts that I want to. If you find that you’re starting to blog about “boring” topics or stuff that doesn’t even peak your interests then stop! Blog for yourself and not others! Though it’s true that when I blog I have my readers in mind I never let it dictate when I’m going to write about. Which is probably why there are some boring-ass posts sometimes LOL

         So if you ever need a break from blogging then take it! Don’t worry about always putting up a new post every Tuesday etc. For those that do I applaud you!

Blogging has let me meet some fascinating people for which I am grateful to know, one of the sole reasons why I love blogging so much! 
P.S I’m typing up another Paris post as I write this and it’ll probably be up late tonight. :3
~ blogging is a pain! ~

~ paris – palace of versailles ~

         This was really the most anticipated part of the trip for me! Even if I only had two days in Paris I would have taken the time to go here because I wanted to see it that much! I actually got really emotional when I was walking up to the gates and nearly cried -.-

       Getting to the palace is fairly easy and you can find clear instructions just by googling how to get there. I actually did very little research for this trip, asides from hotel research and I googled how to get here just the night before but that’s how easy it was!

       I won’t go too much into detail about it’s history but I’ll mention that it was originally a hunting lodge and it wasn’t until later on that the court moved here. I highly recommend purchasing the book they have at the gift shop titled “Versailles”. It comes in many different languages so much sure you pick up the right one! It’s quite inexpensive at 15euros for a hard cover book with about 150 pages and lots of coloured photos too! I’ve yet to read it as I’m saving it for a nice rainy day where I can just sit/lay in bed for hours and devour the book with some tea and sweets =) <— not hard for Vancouver weather lol I’ll also have a photo of all the goodies I bought on my trip too.

The Palace of Versaille’s website is here and it has a lot of useful information such as opening hours, prices of different tickets as well as how to get there.
Probably not going to title many photos since they’re all about the same topic.
~ Palace of Versailles ~
Walking there! Once you get out of the train station there are people who direct you to the right direction and it’s about a 5 minute walk from there. There’s also a Starbucks along the way to perk up your morning. |(though what could be perkier than going to the palace?!)

The palace is actually pretty much right smack in the middle of busy streets and stores. You will have a clear view of it as you walk up though but it’s not how I imagined it (more with a garden entrance and what not)

The details of this place will overwhelm you!

The bright sun combined with my terrible photography skills ended up with either over exposed photos or extremely unnaturally dark ones -.-

Felt like like a kid in a candy store and I wasn’t even inside yet!

The huge garden lies beyond this building.

IMPORTANT: You can purchase your tickets to the palace online which I highly recommend! 
The line to buy a ticket was extremely long so if you pre-purchase your tickets you can skip that line and head straight to security which saves you a lot of time! Also if you want to avoid crowds try and get here right at opening times, I’ve heard people who come that early practically have the palace to themselves for a good 45mins which is a lot of time and trust me, I wish I did that! This actually applies to nearly all museums and attractions.

I have a *slight* obsession with doors so you might be seeing more than one (a dozen) throughout my Paris posts and I’ve already omitted a lot lol

Long gorgeous corridors, sometimes simple is best.

Drooling over this gorgeous wall paper….

They covered the areas of the wallpaper where people could reach with plastic but look at that detail!

Nearly every ceiling was painted…..it was hard to take in what all the rooms had to offer because you’re sooo overwhelmed with all the finery. I didn’t know where to look at the ceiling, funiture, wallpaper etc. and all this time you are swimming in a crowd full of people!

Oh gosh…..

The chandeliers were beautiful!

I can’t even imagine sitting on this….

OMFG! I need this!

Gorgeous tapestry

The famous hall of mirrors!

I believe this was the King’s bedchamber…..
This was the Queens bedchamber…who wouldn’t want to sleep here!

This painting was…m a s s i v e….

Some of the souvenirs you could purchase, overpriced of course lol

They also had a Laduree’s here! It’s quite small though but they did have some Hello Kitty items here! Most of them didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t get any.

Went here for lunch!

They serve bread (baguette?) at every restaurant in Paris! Tough and chewy, yums!

From memory this was a truffle based lasagna and OMG! It was heaven!!!! If you’re wondering what that white thing is, it’s an egg!

The daily risotto which was salon but it didn’t have any salmon in it and was only salmon flavored…..it didn’t taste very nice either, I’m so glad I didn’t get this hahaha
~ The Grand Trianon ~
Love love love the pink marble!

The Mirror Room, according to the book the decor is the same but not the furniture.

Empress bed chamber

Bed chamber of the Queen of Belgian.


I love looking at paintings to see what people were wearing during the time! <– Though they could have been put there at a later date.
~ The Petite Trainon ~
This building was actually built for Madame de Pomadour but later on it was used by Marie Antionette as an escape from her court life.

The “M” which is the royal monogram of the Queen of France.

Sorry for the “glowing” light, I was too busy happily snapping away at photos to have noticed at the time but I think it does make the place seem a bit more whimsical. They also make you wear your backpacks at the front.

The bedchamber, you’d actually be surprised at how small in size these rooms were and sometimes they seemed overstuffed with finery but I thought this room was perfectly balanced.

The Temple of Love.

After the Petite Trainon  I walked towards Marie Antionette’s Estates. It was about a 15 -20min walk.
~ Marie Antionette’s Estate (Is it also known as Little Venice?) ~
It was absolutely breath taking. Almost like a fairytale village come to life.

You can’t go inside the buildings but you can get extremely close to them.

The fish were going crazy! We think they might have been trying to get at the flies that hover above the water…..I wouldn’t like it fall in anyhow!
As beautiful as it looks in photos I actually had the worst time here because they were cutting the grass which sent me into hay-fever frenzy!
It’s easy to see why she liked this place so much, the entire place gives off a serene atmosphere. It is definitively worth checking out  and there a lot less people here too.
From Marie Antionette’s Estates I walked back to the Petite Trainon and took the mini-train back to the Palace. If your feet are sore then it is definitively worth it! I think it was about 7euros per person.

Leaving the palace.

         This was my favorite part of the trip. The weather was gorgeous and I got to take my time and stroll through the gardens. If I could come again I would with a packed up lunch to picnic with and spend more time in the gardens. I’m so happy and grateful to have had the chance to come to one of the places I could only dream of.

Till next time!

~ paris – palace of versailles ~