~ paris – pantheon , lourve ~

Last day in Paris…
~ Pantheon ~
The one site I had to see before I left. I hope to see the one in Italy one day!
Gorgeous columns.

The entrance fee was included in the museum pass as well.

They were doing renovations so some areas were blocked off to the public.

Some paintings, dunno if oil or fresco but seems like oil.

The lack of crowds was a nice change.

The Foucault pendulum…but this is a replica I believe…

This specific Pantheon is actually a tomb for some of the most famous people such as Voltaire and Rousseau.

~ Laduree’s again ~
Back to Laduree’s because I wanted to try their pastries, last time I was too stuffed from breakfast to even think of having dessert.

I tried their rose…religieuse? It tasted very nice, cool, creamy and it was aromatic in my mouth!

Iced macarons. I was really disappointed because I thought it would be something more creative. These were basically just macarons with ice cream filling and some super sour black current sorbet at the bottom. 
 ~ back to the Lourve ~

This time I went through the underground way, some people say this way is faster but I found out that only groups got to enter this way. I’m not sure if it’s like this everyday but it was when I was there and so I had to walk all the way back up to the original pyramid entrance.
Laudree’s here too! But the Bonaparte location had a full boutique that sold ALL their stuff from candles to room sprays, key chains and their entire Hello Kitty collaboration. This location had some candles as well as champagne.

A place where I wanted to try tea but didn’t have the time so I just bought a tin home.
~ lourve ~

A place to relax….is what most people seemed to be doing here lol

There were also students drawing some sculptures and statues.

Love the detail.

You gotta check out the butts of the sculptures!

I was really interested in this artist….

Macarons from Pierre Herme’s! I actually got try them once when I was in Tokyo but I wanted to try them again. They weren’t bad but nothing beats Angelina’s macarons <- bet you're tired of hearing this huh? Hahaha
I actually still have two Paris related posts to put up. The best for last haha one is a tea post and one is about the day when I went to Disney Paris, which was extremely memorable =)
Till next time!

~ paris – pantheon , lourve ~

~ chocolate dripped pastel nails tutorial ~

I did this nail look way back in the early spring and when I posted it on my blog a lot of people asked me how I did it and also for a tutorial so here it is! To be honest, this isn’t much of a tutorial because I mainly followed Violet’s instructions here!

~ supplies ~
These are the polishes I used for this look.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
Seche Vite Top Coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – 08 Expresso
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – 340 Mint Sorbet
Joe – Butter
Joe – n/a <– lost the sticker hahaha
Joe – Sugar Plum Fruit Confetti <– love love love this colour~
Joe – Wave
Rounded piece of cardboard in cause you get polish onto your fingers, cuticles etc…
~ step 1 ~
Prep and paint your nails with a base coat. I would recommend using a base coat or at least if you’re using dark colours and reds to avoid yellowing your nails. (which happened to me and it took forever to grow out)
~ step 2 ~
Paint each nail a different colour. Of course you can always just use one colour and I actually found this to be the hardest part since I’m so used to just painting my nails one colour. 
TIP: Unscrew each nail polish bottle so it’s easy to take the brush in and out or else you might have a hard time getting them open with wet nails.
~ step 3 ~
Take your brown polish and make some long lines, about mid way to your finger. In Violet’s tutorial she suggests that you make sure your polish brush is loaded and drippy with the product so it produces the drippy effect and thus produces a “round” bottom at the end of your line. Personally, this specific polish is really drippy already and along with the fat brush I found that I didn’t need too much polish on my brush.

 ~ step 4 ~
Connect the lines together. I find this is where I need to products the drippy effect more, if not then the lines look awkward and not smooth. When you paint this section try to make sure that the brown polish is still wet on your nail so it will connect to each other smoothly. You can see a bit of a hard angle on the right of the nail, try avoiding this!
(sorry for the out of focus photo ><)

~ ta da ~
Do the rest of the fingers, apply top coat and then you’re done! I also suggest “rotating” the three lines so that the drips don’t look identical on each finger. I rushed a bit in this application so it’s not as nice as my first one haha Also you might want to wait a bit if you used a lot of polish so that when you apply your top coat the polish won’t smudge. Don’t worry about imperfections, most people won’t notice it!
Also, I saw a photo before where someone put a red dot at the tip of their finger so it looked like a cherry.
I hope this helped anyone who was thinking of trying out this look. There are lots of tutorials all over the internet for this specific look and it’s very popular. Good luck to those trying it!
Till next time!

P.S I still have about 3 Paris posts coming up! =D

~ chocolate dripped pastel nails tutorial ~

~ suki’s corner – tarot cards ~

In my younger years I was really into Wicca, new age etc. I’m not anymore, unless you consider reading my horoscope every now and then to fit into the category. I used to read books about this stuff at the library but never got too far into it, I guess I lost interest very fast. But I did buy tarot cards because I thought it’d be so cool to learn to read them. I never got around to really mastering them because it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be! I remember seeing people do the complicated 9(?) card reading but the farthest I ever got was the baisc 3. Hahaha It’s a lot harder than it looks! The tarot cards I bought (weren’t very pretty) came with a instruction booklet to help you learn how to read the cards as well as each cards meaning. <– truth be told I was really influenced by the anime Escaflowne Hahaha
~ Tarot cards ~
These were expensive, around 40$? and I really wish I never got them just because I don’t ever use them but I don’t have the heart to throw them away yet, does anyone else have this problem?

Do I really believe in tarot cards? I’m still pretty skeptical, I bought this because I thought it would be fun to learn but I never have and probably never will believe fortune telling 100%.
Do you believe in fortune telling? Not only with tarot cards but other various methods as well such as mediums etc.
Till next time!
~ suki’s corner – tarot cards ~

~ paris – sacred couer, petite palais ~

         I only had two things on my list this day and one was Scared Couer as someone commented that it has an amazing view! I want to say thank you again to all those who left me comments and tips about Paris, thank you so so much! 

The view.

I enjoyed the church more than the view, it’s gorgeoussssss.

I took this photo before I found out that photography wasn’t allowed.

The cable car type ride you can take.

Back to the hub of the city.
I’d originally wanted to see the animal exhibition at the Grand Palais but seeing as it wasn’t included in the museum pass I skipped it. You can see the signs for Beaute Animale signs beside the doors.

Instead I went to the Petite Palais to which there is no entry fee.

Love these gates!

There was quite a bit to see here too and much more spacious with less crowds than the lourve.

Beautiful garden outside.

Love it!

Exhausted, frustrated and hungry. 

My dish was duck breast with mashed potatoes. 
This tasted like heaven.

Scallops with spinach.
~ gifts ~
Went back to Angelina’s for some gifts and macarons!

Demanded a box this time hehe

My favorite is the white one with red specks. I can’t remember the name but it tasted like apple cinnamon!
~ Mcdonalds for our last meal in Paris ~
They had curry sauce! I wasn’t half bad and don’t get too excited about the “Chinese” sauce (I was extremely excited) because it’s only ordinary sweet and sour.
Of course we had to try the macarons at McDonald’s. Not good, all sugar no taste =(
I’m really enjoying the weather and for some odd reason I feel like writing up some “emotional” posts hahaha Good emotions of course =P I also realize I haven’t done a Suki’s corner post in a while so hopefully I’ll be able to whip one of those up this week!
Till next time~

~ paris – sacred couer, petite palais ~