~ trattoria ~

I tried a new restaurant called Trattoria in the Kitsilano area. From what I know this restaurant is part of the Glowbal chain of restaurants which also includes Coast and Italian Kitchen. I’ve been to Italian Kitchen but was never blown away by their food so I was a little bit skeptical about this place as it also serves Italian food. I also forgot to bring my camera with me so these are all iphone photos hahaha They also had place mats with interesting fun facts on it like what trattoria means and hand gestures in Italian.
~ Cioppino ~
I believe this is the Cioppino ordered as an appetizer to share and it was amazing! The tomato sauce was creamy and buttery, just delicious! The next time I come here I just want to order two of these to make it into an entree! Yums! 

~ ravioli ~
I had the squashed stuffed ravioli with gorgonzola cream sauce. The pasta wasn’t bad and the cream sauce was really creamy, however my stomach tends to get tired/sick of these sauces fast and I had a hard time finishing it because 1.) I was full quickly and 2.) the pasta sauce was so rich– not a bad thing! 
The waitress also informed me that this dish wasn’t too large and was around 5-6 pieces but it is filling. I thought that was very nice and helpful of her, I guess some customers have complained about the size of this dish but personally I thought it was more than enough and most butternut squash ravioli dishes I’ve had were the same amount as this.
Till next time!
~ trattoria ~

~ The Flying Pig ~

The Flying Pig. I’ve waited so long to give you a try! This restaurant reviewed high reviews on Yelp (yes I use Yelp for reviews but I sometimes use urban spoon too) From what I read most people liked that the place was casual, had great food but was not snobby since it’s located in the more “trendy and upscale” part of town. 
Do check out their website here! The Flying Pig
They have great hours but don’t take reservations for dinner, only lunch and brunch on the weekends. When my friend and I went, we got there at 7, put down our name and waited an hr for our table.
Their menus are printed and presented on clip boards. I’m guessing this is so it’s easy for them to change their menu frequently. I think many restaurants do this now so their menu can become more flexible but of course you can always check the menu on their website as well.

Our bread with olive and vinegar. To be honest I much prefer butter than the olive and vinegar alternative but the bread was good and I thought it was cute that my coke came in a little jam jar looking cup.

~ appetizer ~
My appetizer: House Salmon Sampler
I love salmon so when I saw this I had to have it! Though I was really tempted to get the caesar salad or pea soup too, they all sounded delicious. The salmon used is also all local wild salmon.
On the right are slices of smoked salmon, a salmon mixture with green onions and sour cream and one on the far left was honey smoked salmon pieces. They all taste delicious and I would highly recommend this appetizer!
~ entree~
My entree: Wild Seafood Pappardelle
This was delicious. It was creamy and smooth. If I had to say something bad it would be that it was so rich I couldn’t eat too much of it. I didn’t mind since I was pretty full from my appetizer already. 
My friend had the chicken dish but only ate half of it because the chicken was so dry. She also had the beet and argula salad which she enjoyed. We were both too stuffed to try dessert.
~ The Flying Pig ~

~ Marulilu Cafe ~

I pass this adorable cafe on my way to school a few times a week. It looks so cute from the outside and the reviews of the place wasn’t bad so the bf and I decided to try it out. I went for breakfast/brunch, around 11am and the cafe was pretty packed. 
They don’t have an official website but here’s a link to yelp’s review on them: here!
~ Exterior ~
It’s situated at the Broadway and Cambie and I believe it’s beside Coast Capital and one store away from The Mongolian Grill. The Canada station is right cross from it, the stop is City Hall I think, so it’s easy to get to by public transit.
~ royal milk tea latte ~
It was nice, foamy, light and tasty at the same time. I really enjoyed this latte and am excited to try more! 
~ japanese style breakfast ~
 I think it was 6.99 for the basic and you can also have it come with croquette for a little extra. It’s light on the stomach so probably a good idea to have for those mornings where you don’t want to gulp down heavy oily foods.
~ eggs benny with hash brown ~
I chose the eggs benny with hash browns, the salmon kind. You could choose from bacon, ham or salmon and with either no hash browns, one hash brown or two! 
This was delicious! It was tad too salty for me but still good. The hash brown wasn’t too great, it tasted like Mcdonalds hash brown plopped onto the plate.
Over my experience here was very pleasant and I really want to come back soon! They also have an afternoon tea special that starts at 3. They serve mini cakes, mini ice cream and tea or coffee! So excited, can’t wait to try it!
Oh and another plus: All day breakfasts!

~ Marulilu Cafe ~

~ chocolate and cheese fondue @ Capstone Tea~

A little while back my friend bought a Groupon for Capstone Tea and invited me along! I was excited cause it was her first time there lol Though I’ve been there before I was excited this time too because I would get to try their cheese fondue! 
They have a website here!
We made an appointment and though we were about 15mins early they were happy to seat us right away. Service was friendly and attentive, the waiter also made suggestions for drinks and when I ordered mine he made sure to let me know it was carbonated, I guess some people weren’t aware of this despite the fact that the drink clearly said “sparkling”.
~ sparkling fruit tea ~
I ordered the sparkling fresh fruit iced tea, I chose the blueberry tea option. It was certainly refreshing but I felt that it reminded me of cough syrup =S If I got to choose again I’d try the matcha.
 ~ fondue ~
We each got out our own mini fondue pots and two trays full of dipping goodies!
I personally liked the cheese with the pretzels, bread and savory cookies best! Everything went well with chocolate though haha maybe….except the carrots lol We were stuffed after this!
If you want a quieter atmosphere I would suggest going on a weekday as we did. They weren’t super busy and we were encourage to take our time.

My outfit that I was wearing above. I love love love the sweater! In fact after wearing it I went back to F21 to get a “back-up” but they were already all sold out T_T And this is the first time in my life that I wanted to get a back-up clothing!

My bracelets that I’m adoring! They were only 2$/piece and so so lovely~ I still have to get the knack of putting these on myself though. My favorite one is the one on the bottom =3
Oh and this is soooooo weird but I haven’t touched my camera in a while so the other day I brought it to my schools museum with me and LO BEHOLD, I found filters! I mean, wth?! I didn’t update the camera or anything (can you do that?) And I found these awesome filters! Retro, pop, b/w, I’m so so happy since I’ve wanted the pen for the longest time because of the retro and pop options!! Yay!!! Though I think the pop option could be better but beggars can’t be choosers…..but despite this new “finding” I still want a new camera with a flip screen hahaha yuppppp

~ chocolate and cheese fondue @ Capstone Tea~

~ iphone photos- october 2012 ~

My October iphone photos post! I find these are my most exciting posts for me because I get to take time out and review what I’ve done for the month, it’s a bit relaxing and enjoyable to see all my “adventures” =P Especially with time flying by so fast! Can you believe Christmas is next month?! I’ve made and am still making some plans for the next two months, there are just so many great events! As for Halloween, I love love love the celebration but didn’t do anything this time because it was around the time when I had midterms and I guess I’m boring like that hahahaha (also because it started to become rainy again =( )
A yummy and attractive dish that I had with my family, my mum and I think the black stuff are dried tea leaves, they were delicious! Oh the shrimp too! I eat it with the shell =3 My favorite part is the tail!
A healthy poached egg, salad and grilled panini bread breakfast! The pumpkin pie in the corner was delicious!

A adorable and quaint little house I pass on my way to school, it’s just so darn cute!

The dog dragged in his toy off the balcony -.-

Delicious papaya soup! It was so expensive, but we indulged and I’m so glad we did, it was  really yummy and a great way to end the summer =3

Woke up at 6:30 in the morning, turned on the hall way lights and this was the first thing I see. Not creepy at all.

Simsimi is so fun! I only recently discovered it and was obsessed for the first few days. But obviously it can be quite inappropriate at times!

Omg this made me laugh so hard! We also “sang” the song “Part of your world” together and at the end simsimi put *epic wave crash*, it was awesome~

My Megu is adorable again! It recently just evolved into an ugly one though T_T

My school trying to suck my money. They even have Hello Kitty t-shirts! The stuffed Hello Kitty’s were only 12$!

The store display at American Apparel, my friend literally jumped when I pointed it out hahaha

Stay away.

Starbucks finally released their Verismo for you coffee addicts out there, if it could make a pumpkin spice latte, I’d buy it in a instant even if it was three times the price!

Dinner at Kinemi’s Kitchen with my sister! It’s a small hole in the wall sort of place and a husband and wife team runs it. I read the reviews on Yelp and they seemed good so we decided to give it a try!
My sister had the smoked salmon linguini that is on their menu and it was yummy too! We both ate till we were stuffed and still had some leftover to pack home. The pasta was more delicious the next day!

Tiramisu for dessert! I’m not sure if it was homemade but it tasted great! It was light, fluffy and most importantly not too sweet! The sweetest thing was probably the cantaloupe lol
All in all October was a great month! I also want to see Cirque de Soliel this year, it looks amazing though the ticket prices aren’t >< If I have one thing to complain about is the weather and I don't mean the rain but more the humidity that comes with it, I now have to put hair spray on when I curl my hair =( I didn't have to in the summer but now my curls are dead in a few hrs if I don't put hair spray on, boo!
I hope everyone had a good October and are looking forward to the holiday season as much as I am!
Till next time~
~ iphone photos- october 2012 ~