~ Aya Sofia~

One of the first stops on our Istanbul day tour was the Aya Sofia. I’ve learned about it briefly in class but seeing it in person was overwhelming. They were doing some restorations so half of the museum was covered in scaffolding but it was still gorgeous.

~ Aya Sofia~

5 thoughts on “~ Aya Sofia~

  1. No wonder you disappeared for so long. You were in Istanbul!! I never would have guessed. XD

    That is such a beautiful building with such exquisite details. I would love to visit one day. Istanbul is so rich with history. I would love to see more pictures from your trip.


  2. Istanbul?! That's amazing! Did you revive your blog? I remember trying to visit but it was no longer available.

    The buildings look amazing. It's sad that despite all of our technological advances, we don't build amazing architectures like this anymore.


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