~ iphone photos December 2014 ~

I thought December was going to be one of those months that will be longer due to the lack of classes and work. However when does life ever happen like that? Although I didn’t have any classes I still ended up working on nearly all the days I was free. I’m not complaining but I’m looking forward to the “me time” that I can afford during the school semester.
I was still able to find time to spend with friends and loved ones. This years Christmas was relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly – warm.
My friend made me my first homemade advent calender! Prior to I’ve only had the store bought ones filled with candy or chocolates.

Inside she put little treats like the one above as well as chocolates, teas, and even a starbucks gift card!

There was a Keurig machine event going on at the mall which was great for me since my siblings and I bought one for my parents for Christmas. 

I couldn’t resist the Guerlain lipstick sample from Sephora, so far I’ve loving it.

I watched Mary Poppings, the musical, with a friend and it was amazing! Yes my finger got in the way of my photo taking again.

Soda’s adorable Christmas scarf. It’s double sided with red and white stripes on the back.

Christmas shopping.

This year my friend and I went to Miku for our annual Christmas dinner. The food was great and thank you so very much for the present!

I went to see the Forbidden City exhibit at the art gallery. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of that particular exhbit but check out this one by Ai Weiwei titled Bang.
Part of a Christmas gift from my pen-pal (email actually). The milk chocolate was delicious, I finished it in a day! 

And finally, a partial gift from my parents and a partial gift to myself.

I’m definitely looking forward to 2015 and I wish everyone the best of luck in all areas of life.
~ iphone photos December 2014 ~

~iphone photos October & November ~

I haven’t blogged for nearly 2 months! I’ll be combining the photos for the past two months, which is good since I didn’t take too many. Remember when I said September was great, nice and relaxing? Well it was the complete opposite when November hit. Although I don’t mentally feel stressed my body is telling me I am. Anyways I’m really enjoying the Christmas decorations and festivities happening around the city.

These Itty-Bittys are so adorable! Available at Hallmark only (I think).

Macarons at Soriette.
I really loved how this photo turned out, no filter either.

Celebrating the pink cup again.

Beautiful handcrafted chocolates at Beta 5.
I tried 4 of their cream puffs.
Salted Caramel

Vietnamese Coffee
Raspberry Earl Grey
Milk Chocolate Praline 
The puffs were absolutely delicious. I normally don’t like puffs because I find them too sweet and I don’t necessarily enjoy the texture of the puff itself. But the ones from Beta were perfectly balanced, the puff was more crisp and the filling not overly sweet.

I love houses that go all out on festive decorations.

I don’t know what possessed me to order these pancake “bombs” since I usually don’t like pancakes in the first place.

Lastly, a very pretty pen that a dear friend bought for me, thank you!

Looking back October and November was pretty fun although a lot of work was also involved. I’m looking forward to Christmas and the closure of 2014. 

~iphone photos October & November ~

~ iphone photos – September 2014 ~

I have no idea what happened to the June and July iphone posts this summer but here are the ones for September! My August ones are mixed in with my Turkey photos so I probably will be skipping those too. September was great for me, relaxed and carefree. 

Apparently this lady carried a live lobster with her onto the plane?…

My birthday gift from my darling siblings!!! They surprised me with it after I came back from my trip!

The only evil eye item I bought back. To be honest they’re kind of creeper if bigger than this.

Camel milk chocolates!

My mom bought me this cute pear shaped hazelnut ice cream as a substitution for a birthday cake. It was delicious but sweet and I only managed to finish half of it.

My friend and I tried a new pasta place called SPAGHeTEI. It wasn’t bad and I liked how you could choose your portion size.

I really really really wanted to buy this poster =(

Work day at Divano.

I was running out of moisturizer and managed to spend enough to get this little gift from Sephora.

A very lovely, thoughtful and much appreciated birthday gift from Anndrea! Thank you so much, I love everything!

It was sunny and beautiful most of September.

Lastly, I finally managed to start reading my newest novel -Lolita. I’m a little more than halfway through and I love it. In fact I haven’t been so in love with a book for some time now.

~ iphone photos – September 2014 ~

~ San Francisco – Legion of Honor ~

On our last day in San Francisco we decided to visit the Legion of Honor Museum before heading out to the airport. It was a bit trickier to get to but we managed. Afterwards we had a shuttle come pick us up from the Museum but we also saw some taxis that would stop, in case you needed one. 
When we were there the featuring exhibitions were Intimate Impressions and Matisse from the SFMOMA. We had approximately 2 hours to see everything. I had enough time to leisurely walk through the whole thing and we even had lunch at their cafe.

Strangely enough this painting really captivated my attention and I even bought a postcard version of it.

A series of painting for Madame Pompadour of children acting out painting, sculpting, music, and architecture.

From Salon Dore of the Hotel de la Tremoille – an example of French Neoclassical interior architecture.

There are also ancient artifacts and artwork on the lower floor of the Museum but I don’t remember them as prominently as the upper floor works and there wasn’t a lot featured. Overall the museum was lovely and if you have the time while in San Francisco I do recommend it. They also have a museum featuring modern art called de Young Museum. I wanted to go there too but we had run out of time and the museums while relatively close to each other, aren’t exactly neighbors.

~ San Francisco – Legion of Honor ~

~ San Francisco – Walt Disney Family Museum ~

This was one of the highlights from my San Francisco trip, The Walt Disney Family Museum. At first I had no idea this existed until I did a bit of researching and viola! I was able to have a touch of Disney magic on my trip. The museum is actually fairly close to the Golden Gate Bridge and there was a complimentary shuttle that went around the area.
We didn’t have a lot of time to spare there since we got there only about 90mins? before their closing time and I had also wanted to check out their special exhibit too – when I was there it was the Mary Blair exhibit but right now they’re featuring works of Marc Davis which looks amazing! The special exhibit was held in another building but still fairly close to the main building.
The exhibit displayed her early works of art before she started at Disney.

I loved the bold colours for the walls, it complimented her artwork perfectly.

The next set of photographs are from the main museum.

The museum is mainly about Walt Disney’s personal history with his business and also features moments when things weren’t going too well.

There was a small section featuring miniatures. This doll house was really detailed!

A  model of the Disney Land at Anaheim, the only one that Walt Disney actually set foot in (I believe).

The museum ended with the celebration of Walt Disney’s works and also noting that the world mourned his passing away. I actually got a bit emotional here…
The museum was amazing and whether you’re a fan of Disney or not you will probably be able to find something interesting here. Some parts of the museum were interactive and I even felt a bit of sensory overload at some points but probably because I was under a time crunch.
~ San Francisco – Walt Disney Family Museum ~

~ San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard St. ~

We actually went to these two sites on separate days but I decided to put them within the same post. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of those things where I felt like I had to do since I was there. It was windiest (and coldest) by the bridge so I’m  glad I didn’t wear a dress!
Many people walked across the bridge but we just admired from afar.
Taking the cable car to Lombard st.!

Apparently tour buses and the like aren’t allowed to drive down anymore due to complaints from local residences. If you want to go down you need to get here yourself (cable car, taxi, public transit, walk etc.) and walk.

I feel in love with this house!

I thought the cars peeking through while coming down the street were adorable.

Lombard street wasn’t in our “planned” itinerary but I enjoyed it a lot! I wish it was longer though and the cable car ride was super bumpy but fun!
~ San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge & Lombard St. ~

~ one love organics ~

I’ve been on the venture for more natural, “greener”, animal friendly skincare and beauty related products for a while now. I think it started about two years ago and it’s been a great long journey since. I’ve experimented with many products from skincare to make up and I am currently on the journey for an amazing moisturizer.
During my search for new products I came across this company called One Love Organics. This was when first impressions really counted, I was immediately attracted to them solely for their packaging. I hunted down a few of their items that I was interested in and read some great reviews about them. 
I decided to order their travel kit since it seemed to have a bit of everything and I also ordered the Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster separately to qualify for the free shipping from Fresh Faced. Since I’m here I might as well tell you that I love Fresh Faced, they ship fast and so far has always included nice samples with each order. Of course you can always order from One Love Organics directly.
One Love Organics Travel Kit
Includes: (left to right)
Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm
Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Mask
My New Best Friend Skin Shammy
Easy Does it Foaming Cleanser
There was also a card with details on using the products.
Everything was well packaged!
The pouch is adorable too. I never tire of them because they come in quite handy for many occasions (usually travel).
 Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm 
This balm smells just like orange tictacs, which I personally don’t mind but it might be an issue for those who are sensitive to fragrances. The website claims it could be both a moisturizer and makeup remover but I personally prefer using it for the former. It does have a light balmy texture and while I liked it, I think I just prefer a more cream based moisturizer. 
Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Mask 
I managed to received two of these because at the time they were having a promotion where they gave one as a sample and the other came with the travel pack. I really love this scrub and mask, it smells like oatmeal and slowly disappears as you rub it in. 
Easy Does it Foaming Cleanser

This sample lasted me quite a while, I did try using it with the shammy but I preferred just putting some on my hands and using my fingers to massage it around my face. At the time I was using olive oil as a makeup remover and then I followed up with this. It was able to wash off all the olive oil without stripping my skin. 
Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster

This was the first time I tried a facial oil. I had heard all the hype about it but was skeptical, especially since my skin was oily when I was a teen. Now I would place myself towards a normal skin range and maybe combination. I used olive oil as a make up remover but it never felt too oily since I followed up with a cleanser.
But I am so glad I tried this. In fact I just ordered my second bottle. I apply this in the morning before my sunscreen and moisturizer. It’s only a bit oily right upon application but sinks into my skin within a few minutes! In fact on my good days I would only wear this with my sunscreen and when I told my friend I was using facial oil she said my face looked matte! (In a good way of course.)
As for the shammy, I used it in the mornings and it’s super soft.
The generous samples provided by Fresh Faced, in fact it’s through their samples that I’ve found the  cleanser I’m using now, it was in that small bottle to the left.

Every morning I look forward to using my morning glory complexion booster, it makes me happy and my skin has been better because of it. Also I just wanted to note that I am not in any way, shape or form endorsed by Fresh Faced or One Love Organics. I’ve been using these products for long enough to finally write this ”review”. If you’re looking to try some new skincare products give these a try!

~ one love organics ~