~ afternoon tea at the fish house ~

      Hello everyone! I hope all has been well! Recently, I had afternoon tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park. We got a seat by the fireplace but I would have (and always) preferred a window seat!

~ The Fish House ~

I know it may look a bit gross now because spring hasn’t set in but trust me, it’s lovely here when the weather is more pleasant!

The enterance!

~ The set up ~
The afternoon tea menu! I chose the Imperial Oolong  =)

The teapot was *heavy* terra cotta pots!

A peek at the leaves! The tea wasn’t bad, but I can’t compare since Im no tea expert and I usually drink Earl Grey.

~ The Three Tiers ~

~ Finger Sandwiches ~

Cucumber with cream cheese, salmon swirl, ham salad and egg salad pinwheels! Nothing new but they all tasted very nice =) though I always wish they’d put more cucumbers into the cucumber sandwiches!

~ The scones ~
Currant scones! This was my first time eating currant scones! Honestly, I usually like anything currant flavored but I just could not taste it in these scones!

~ Sweets !

Lemon tarts, raspberry mousse cake, and I can’t remember what that other thing was, but I do remember…..I didn’t like it too much lol The lemon tarts here were delish!

As mentioned before, I came on a gloomy day but Im sure it would be lovely on a nice day! I might even pop back to have lunch here on the patio when it gets warmer!

       I wish it would get warmer sooner! I don’t mind the cold but lately it’s been really windy and rainy, more than my poor umbrella can bear! I don’t mind the rain so much but my umbrella is taking a beating lately! (and yes I am super paranoid about it flipping on me in public!) 

Till next time!

~ afternoon tea at the fish house ~