~ paul & joe powder ~

          When I saw the limited Paul & Joe release for this year I knew I had to get something, especially since I had already missed the previous limited cat collection! The only problem is that there is no official Paul & Joe store in Vancity and it took me a bit of time to find a store that did carry the brand. I could have ordered it online but I wanted to see the products first, luckily they sell if at the Beauty Bar in Kitsilano! They also apparently sell it at some places in Richmond too, you can always check out the Paul & Joe website to see if there are any stores that sell it in your location. As for online, Jenny told me you can get them at ASOS! Thanks so much for the heads up Jenny!
~ Paul & Joe Matte Pressed Powder ~
SO ADORABLE!!!! The store didn’t actually carry too many of the limited edition cat stuff. They had this powder, the lipstick and I *think* maybe the nail polishes. I was really lusting over the blusher sticks though and the lipsticks are really cute with paw prints embedded into it!

I just love it! I’m probably not going to use it for a while just because it’s so cute and I rather finish off my current powder first….eh, who am I kidding, I’m probably going to give in and use it soon lol

*squeal* I would’ve bought two if it wasn’t so pricey. This costed me 55$CAD before taxes =(

Just wanted to show you the adorable paw prints inside the box! I’m really tempted to get their blusher stick too since it’s so cute but it’s quite pricey and I don’t know if I can really justify it =(
Till next time!
~ paul & joe powder ~

~majolica majorica puff de cheek macaron blush ~

      Anyways, I’ll be doing a review on the Majolica Majorica Puff de Cheek Macaron blush. I just checked ebay and they are selling for around 20$CAD from a reputable seller, so the price isn’t too bad but I guess it really depends on how much shipping is =S
 ~ packaging ~
The blush comes in a round tin container, probably relating to it’s name, macaron.

I bought the shade PK301. The other shades are 302 and 303. I believe there was also two other limited edition shades but don’t quote me on that. 
There is 7g of product which I found quite surprising since the popular NARS blushes only have about 4.5g of product. <– according to sephora lol I've yet to own a nars blush yet, they just seem so pricey!

The puff it comes with is extremely soft and I love that bow detail! This is also small enough to easily fit into a to-go makeup bag or your purse.

Everything in the container. There is a plastic sheet separating the blush and puff.
The colour is really lovely and easily buildable, I really love it! I use the puff to apply the colour and as odd as it seems, I really like using the puff! I was skeptical about the puff at first, thinking it was probably more of a decorative item than an actual tool but I’ve been proven wrong. =) If you don’t like the puff you could also just use a blush brush too but because of the design of the packaging, it would probably be a bit hard to use a brush. You would basically be “jabbing” at the blush since the container is quite small.
I really wish I bought more colours now, I love this blush!
~ honey sticks ~
Some honey sticks I bought at the Christmas market, these were really yummy!

Happy Valentines Day!
~majolica majorica puff de cheek macaron blush ~