~ louis vuitton vernis sarah wallet ~

Eep! I actually forgot the name of the colour for this wallet, I only know it was seasonal for this summer and it came out with the blue (Lagoon) and a yellow colour as well. I don’t have the wallet on me at this moment so hopefully I’ll get back to you with the name of the colour. I bought this during my Paris trip this year.

 ~ vernis sarah wallet ~

The colour is exremely bright and vibrant. It’s really more of a transparent red/pink colour than a red. If compared to Pomme d’amour, this colour is much brighter. Sadly the true colour doesn’t show up in these photos. (and yes I forgot to take a photo of the inside lol)

I’m really loving this colour and think it’s perfect for the summer as well as the holiday season. I’m happy to give my zippy wallet a break but if I had to pick one style I will still pick the zippy because I think the design is better suited for me. They did have this colour and finish in the zippy but I didn’t want to get another zippy LOL I know some people are really careful with the zipper alignment on the zippy wallet but personally I really abuse my wallet so my zipper is all wonky and crooked now but I love it nonetheless!

If you’re curious the smaller wallet I was originally going to get was the one from the Empreinte line. I still want it….hahaha

Till next time!

~ louis vuitton vernis sarah wallet ~

~ paris – Disney Paris ~

Saving the best for last! My post about Disney Paris! I’ve been to all the Disney parks around the world!!!! The only exception is that I didn’t visit California Adventures because at that time I had no idea it was a Disney park (So I only went to the original park) and I was too intrigued by the other parks to go lol 
I’ll posts links to my other Disney parks around the world at the end of the post. I only don’t have a post about the park in California because I went a long time ago and thus didn’t have/take many photos =(
~ Entrance to the park ~
Before getting to the parks themselves you walk through this indoor area full of stores and restaurants.

One of the first things I do at any park is to grab an English map!

The story of this ride was a bit different from the other parks, especially the Tokyo one.

Duffy in his conductor outfit! I love the overalls!

~ Crush’s Coaster !
This ride brings back the only “rude” memory of Paris for me. The line to the ride was confusing and so I accidentally walked into the exit area of the ride. The crew members there told me that this was exit only but didn’t bother telling me where the line up to get in was, I remember asking them and they lead me to another line, from memory it was a single riders only line. They crew member weren’t rude but they weren’t exactly friendly or helpful. Other than that the rest of the people we encountered in Paris were quite pleasant.

The ride itself was fantastic and I would have loved to have rode it again but I didn’t want to line up for it lol
*mine mine mine*

~ Toy Story Land ~
One of the newest addition to the park! From what I know they added this park to the Hong Kong park, Florida park and California Park.

Love all the details Disney puts into the decor!

This brings back memories!
~ Lunch ~
Decided to have lunch at this buffet restaurant with international food. We don’t have any good buffets at home so we love trying it when we have the chance to.

At every restaurant they always have wine glasses or water goblets.

First round! Can’t remember what everything was but the ravioli was cheese stuffed and really yummy!

The gorgeous artwork done on the watermelons!

The sweets and dessert section! 

Dessert round 1! We went back for a second round but pretty much got the same thing, everything here was pretty yummy except that innocent looking pastry thing in the middle, it tasted bitter like medicine!
Leaving the Studios park and heading over to the Magic Kingdom park.

Walking past the shops again…

Omg the resemblance is uncanny!
~ 20th anniversary ~

The Duffy’s here weren’t cute at all, disappointed!

Bwahahaha Gimpy is the cutest!

Adorable popcorn bins, I’m always tempted to get these because they’re so cute but never do because 1.) I don’t like popcorn that much 2.) No use afterwards…

Wall E, personally I think this is one of the most romantic Disney Pixar films, I love it!

During the line up to the star wars ride!

Underneath the castle was this dragon…..

Still inside the castle….

They had these pretty tapestries telling the story of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

~ The Christmas Store ~
OMG! Disney and Christmas together, I can’t even…..

Pinocchio is one of the creepiest Disney movie…..especially the scene where all the little boys turn into donkeys!

My favorite ride!

I think I rode this ride like 5 times hahahaha the “stretching” pictures are also different from the other parks.

I feel bad for these plants that are forced to take Mickey’s shape =(

Bought one home to eat!
~ Make your own potato head ~

Love the vintage look.



~ Dinner ~
Dinner was here.

Bread bread bread always in Paris~

Crab cakes for starters, it was yummy!

Butternut squash ravioli! It was rich and delicious!

Creme Brulee for dessert! Nommy!
This ends my posts for my Paris trip. I have a lot of photos I didn’t put because then it would just jam up the post haha Now that I finally finished blogging about Paris I feel like my blog will suddenly become mundane LOL I’ll probably be blogging about random thoughts etc. =)
Till next time!
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Disney World – 2011

~ paris – Disney Paris ~

~ iphone photos july 2012 ~

The month of July was quite calm and tame for me mainly because I was am still recovering *financially* from my Paris trip lol It’s been a while since I’ve had a summer where I didn’t take summer courses and I’m definitely enjoying it! The suns shining and it’s so nice and warm now! Dreading going back to school =(
It’s a new Taiwanese bubble tea place that opened up on Kingsway. A lot of people have been coming here because of their massive slushes, it’s seriously a foot tall! I ordered one the second time I came here but before I got a chance to take a photo the waitress already split the slush into half T_T

Does anyone know what these are called? Rice chips? Lol
 ~ lunch ~
This place is really popular because of the low prices, the food is alright. Most people I know order the chicken soulvaki.

~ wrath of the but that bit me ~
I have no idea what bit me but it got me good. In fact I must have pissed it off a lot because as soon as this one healed I got bit again -.-
Actually this bug bite was one of the worst ones I’ve had yet. It went bright red and at it’s worst there was a huge pink ring/halo around the bite itself and it was itchy like mad!
I was at Granville Island and they were having their farmers market. A stand was selling these cute macarons so the bf and I decided to give them a try! They were really good! 
 ~ coffee ~
Coffee that my mums friend brought back from Peru!
 ~ Keg ~
The Keg is having their summer lobster special again so my family went here to celebrate my brothers birthday. I really like their lobster gratinee! The other plate is calamari.
 ~ polish ~
Want to try these Scotch polishes! According to their website they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and animal cruelty free!
 ~ ice cream ~
Birthday cake ice cream again! 
 ~ happy boy ~
My boy looks so happy on the field! I have to be really careful when I play fetch with him because if he gets both tennis balls there’s no way he’s giving one back and yes he can fit both balls in his mouth!
 ~ nails ~
It’s so sunny out that I got to rock my favorite red polish! Tomato by Joe Fresh~
 ~ kimchi hot pot ~
My new food obsession!!!! Nom nom nom!
 ~ temptation ~
Currently saving for Marc Jacob mouse flats but these ones are soooooo cute too and only a fraction of the price of the MJ ones, UGH. Flats why you so cute?!
That pretty much sums up my July (and maybe a bit of August since I accidentally uploaded a few of the photos lol) I hope everyone is enjoying their August month!

Till next time!

~ iphone photos july 2012 ~

~ afternoon tea in paris- le Dali ~

I had to have afternoon tea in Paris! But as we all know time is limited on vacation so I had to only pick one place to try and I wanted to make sure it was easy to get to. In the end I chose Le Dali at Hotel Meurice. The main reasons were because they had afternoon tea everyday and it was very easy and close to the Lourve.
~ menu ~
Sorry for the yellow photo(s) ><
The tea room was really lovely and I wish I got a photo of it but I think there is one on their website. It was pretty quiet in there and my camera makes the loudest shutter sound T_T
~ finger sandwiches ~
The sandwiches that came at the end of the meal. You can see the plate of sweets above the plate of sandwiches.

The service was RIDICULOUS! As mentioned above my sandwiches came last and I mean very last, in fact I wanted to leave but at that moment the sandwiches came. My scone came first and the waitress told me that the sandwiches were coming and I could wait for them if I preferred to eat my savory foods first. I chose to wait but I was already so hungry I decided to eat the scone and I’m glad I did! I can barely remember the sweet and pastry and presentation was minimal. I guess they were going for a sleek look but everything just came on it’s individual white plate.
Also there was a man who sat down next to us and just wanted to order a coffee and read his paper. He complained twice to the staff that his coffee was taking far too long. I thought it took too long too, I mean it was only coffee. In the end he got up and left.
Needless to say I probably will not recommend anyone to go here. The hotel itself may be spectacular and perhaps I just came at the wrong time but the food and lack of service has made me really regret picking this as my only afternoon tea experience in Paris. I was thoroughly disappointed!
Till next time!
~ afternoon tea in paris- le Dali ~