~ reminiscing hong kong ~

         This is post dedicated to my trip to Hong Kong 2010!  When I was typing up this post I had this strange feeling that I posted this up before but I can’t find it anywhere in my “published” section (anyone else really disliking the new blogger look?) so if I did please let me know and I’ll take it down and write another post. Some of the photos might have made a appearance here and there as well and I also want to apologize in advance for the blurry photos, it was taken with my older camera after being dropped =(

Heading to the Victoria Peak Tram which is located in a really business oriented district. 

Chicken wings from Mcdonalds, I actually didn’t try them back then and I wish I had cause they’re amazing!
Cheese cake! Tee hee ~

Adorable tan kitties!

They’re actually sleeping on top of the awing! It looks comfy but dirty.
“traditional” Chinese breakfast
Pizza Hut in HK is much fancier than at home but the food there is terrible imo

Miss my gel nails so much! I’m tempted to get them again all the time but then remind myself of all the money I save when I don’t do them which helps a lot!

Strange alien seats at the apm mall.

HK Disney! Look at all the umbrellas! I think I opened mines too hahaha

The landscape is really gorgeous there!

I bought the black plastic spoon(?) with the mickey handle, it’s actually quite sturdy and I still have it today! I want to get the whole set now!
Funny side story: When I got home and was handing out the gifts for my family someone hit the dog (not abusively thank you) with the mickey spoon and the handle looked like it got shorter! So for the longest time we thought that it went into the handle more and it wasn’t till I dug out this photo and realized that it was just our imagination but seriously you should have seen the reaction on my sister and my face.
Me: OMFG the handle shrunk!
Sis: What no way?!
Me and Sis: It did! <– and we were SURE it had shrunk too hahaha

I’m still lemming for a Disney balloon….

When I was there they had a special going on. Basically it’s a package where you get dinner at the restaurant and VIP seating for the fireworks and it was worth it!

Then you tell them which restaurant you want to eat it at and they’ll deliver it there for you….

Then the restaurant cooks them up! So fresh! Of course the restaurant and stores are all situated in the same area.

The huge 2$cad cotton candy that was half my size!

The Charlie Brown cafe! I finally got to go in my most recent trip here!

Ocean park was awesome before it got overcrowded with crazy tourists!

Roller coaster of hell purely because it’s old and I’m scared that it’ll break down in the middle of my ride =S
Panda: Lemme out!

I think Doreamon is the official safety mascot here!

I took these photos mostly for my sister since she’s a huge fan of him!

Nommy pasteries! I had to do a double take and make sure this photo wasn’t taken in Tokyo, everything is so cute!

Nommy spicy chicken thigh chicken burger from Mcdonalds. Everyone says it’s not suppose to be spicy but I swear it is, I still love it but that does not change the fact it’s not spicy!
         I really love looking at my travel photos, makes me relive the experience….then it makes me remember the things I didn’t get to do which leads to me going again. In fact I’ve built this nasty habit of wanting to travel every few months, it’s terrible! The only good thing that’s come out of it is how I’ve curbed  from being a shopaholic….sort of. Also I’m awful with sticking to a place to go to. 
Till next time!

~ reminiscing hong kong ~

~ louis vuitton makeup case ~

          Hello everyone! I’ve got finals this upcoming week so I won’t be able to blog much =( Late reply to comments, late catch ups, you know the drill but I still wanted to update my blog a little bit. The weather has been fabulous here and I really can’t wait to go on a tea date with a friend! Good things come to those who wait! =D
~ Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag in Pomme ~
I bought this a little while back at around the same time I got my neverfull. I fell in love with the color and heard it “might” be limited edition so I went and bought one before they sold out.

It fits everything I need so far but if you’re someone that likes to carry make up brushes etc. with you, it won’t be large enough and you might need to buy the pouch that is one size up. I also love the fact that the hardware is gold, I’m so anal about hardware that I won’t purchase a bag/wallet etc. if it has silver hardware because I know every time that I look at it I will cringe!

I’m still a bit anal about the leather tabs though, I sort of wish they weren’t there, it makes putting the case on a counter very never wrecking! I’ve had this for about four months now and it’s holding up pretty well, I am really rough with it and there hasn’t been scratches yet. The sales assistant did tell me it is scratch resistant but I highly doubt it!

I love this photo because it looks like I used a vintage filter on it but it’s actually just due to the lighting that day!

My attempt at an “artsy” photo =P
You can also see how the colour changes a bit but in real life the colour is much more similar to the photos above.
         I hope everyone is doing well! Good luck and best wishes for those who are doing exams as well and for those who aren’t I hope you’re stress free right now! =D Life can never completely be stress free so we might as well embrace it rather then getting ourselves more frazzled with it. Can’t wait for my exams to be over with so I can do some fun stuff! =D
Till next time!
~ louis vuitton makeup case ~